Inner-Stirrings of the Soul

My body is YEARNING for movement.
Limbs so long, always cramped up
In tight spaces
From being in too-small places
No one could ever understand the pain
In all my years of hiding in shame
From the teasing and torment…
spiraling down in a mutation to SELF-LOATHING…
And spending many years climbing back up
Many MORE years remembering that I have wings..
The truth of the matter is…
I just want to DANCE.

© 2017 K. N. Dozier. All rights reserved.



When are you going to
Get that pressure and pain
Up off your back?
Why do you insist that it be there?
When the Most High paves the way
And the Ancestors guide you,
Why do you choose to stray?
And when will you stop running from yourself
Running from your True, Highest Self
Only to run INTO yourself
and further hurt yourself?
You are so much MORE than that
So much more than FEAR
Your Destiny is unfolding before you yet So Sweet Child…
I ask…
When are you going to
Get that pressure and pain
Up off your back?
Take a deep breath, dive in,
and Set your Self FREE.


Just a small note-to-Self that turned into a poem. ❤

© 2017 K. N. Dozier. All rights reserved.

Love Note #1

I still love you though I never knew you.

I still miss you…

You’re everything to me.

Everything that could have been…

A dream…

Everything I one day hope to be.

Fly free.




© 2017 K. N. Dozier. All rights reserved.

On Hiatus


It’s been so long since I’ve been on here that one would wonder why would I even bother making this post. Well…I’m doing it simply because I’m placing these notices across the board on my social media platforms. I REALLY need to sit my butt down and do right by ME. It’s so easy to burn yourself out and as for ME…I know how I am (extremely sensitive to external things), so it’s about that time to openly retreat…and get back on track with myself again. I started out with Instagram and Facebook, now I wrote a tweet in Twitter (though I’m hardly ever over there either) and NOW I’m here with the announcement. It’s minor. Just a way for me to keep track of myself. 🙂

It’s time to TRULY COMMIT to MIND, BODY, SPIRIT and SOUL. I’ll be back, of course–I miss y’all! And I love posting my poetry and other creative writings! So yeah, I’ll be back, when the time is right. STAY TUNED. XOXOXO


A fragile wall made of glass
Between us.
Palms pressed against
the cool surface
I’m on the outside looking
Thank Goddess
I made my escape
When I did.

© 2016 K. N. Dozier. All rights reserved.

A Much Needed Discussion On Rapper Lil’ Kim and Colorism’s Profound Negative Affect On the Psyche of the Black Woman (especially the Dark Skinned Black Woman)

I refuse to subscribe to the shaming of my family anymore. We all need to STOP tearing each other down, African people. STOP IT.

Fighting Misogynoir

I’m sure you all have heard or read about the Lil’ Kim Instagram picture controversy. There’s been a MAJOR change in Lil’ Kim’s appearance in the last say 15-20 years as you all can see in the pics below. Lil’ Kim is one of my most favorite femcees and it hurt many people sooo bad to see such a major change. I’m still hurting. She went to being a beautiful black woman to a white woman. This is a very blatent example of how racism and colorism coupled with European Standard of Beauty has profound affect on the psyche of Black Women and Girls.First, I blame white society for creating these ideals and  bombarding us with them 24/7/365. Then, I blame the black “community” and colorstruck anti-black negro people for the continued perpetuate racism white supremacy and colorism on our own people. I’m just fucking pissed right now! How dare people ask…

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