Art, It Was Written...

Artist’s Block #1

Art keeps calling me...beckoning me to fall between the sheets of sketchbook paper...rolling across the surface of a canvas bed, wanting me to soak the surface with passion and paint...but I can't lie down here. My heart is frozen in a state of fear and self-denial. I'm gazing out the window, chasing after things that… Continue reading Artist’s Block #1



I can lie here and feel safe…and warm I can fall into your arms and away From the ways Of this Twist’d world forever… I can breathe in your precious, Natural Earthy Spice of a Scent Clinging to your Cinnamon Skin And I can find myself…spiraling Quickly out of CONTROL Blissfully into Ordered Chaos And… Continue reading Ability


Where Have You Been?: Let. It. OUT.

It's been a loooooong time, huh? Well, after an inspiring conversation with another fellow creative and blogger, after being reminded of my old presence online in blogs I cherished in my own way, after thinking back on how a few loyal readers reached out and said they missed my posts, after remembering the joy of… Continue reading Where Have You Been?: Let. It. OUT.


Inner-Stirrings of the Soul

My body is YEARNING for movement. Limbs so long, always cramped up In tight spaces From being in too-small places No one could ever understand the pain In all my years of hiding in shame From the teasing and torment... spiraling down in a mutation to SELF-LOATHING... And spending many years climbing back up Many… Continue reading Inner-Stirrings of the Soul



Darling, When are you going to Get that pressure and pain Up off your back? Why do you insist that it be there? When the Most High paves the way And the Ancestors guide you, Why do you choose to stray? And when will you stop running from yourself Running from your True, Highest Self… Continue reading QUESTions