School Daze

Here I sit on this bus, just riding throughout the city, taking as much pleasure in the Sunlight as I can since it'll be setting soon. That, and the chem trails are starting to filter out the Sun rays. Anyway, I am currently reading The Mis-Education of the Negro by Carter G. Woodson. It's been… Continue reading School Daze

Question It!

Question… #1

Yoooo... Have you EVER found yourself in a deep conflict with YOURSELF where you're too HUNGRY to sleep...but too TIRED to eat? Yup...that's what's pretty much goin' down over HERE. (Emergency Pasta Tiiiiiimmmmeee!!!) (o.O)


Child of the 90s: I Remember (An Intro of Some Kind)

On my Journey towards my Original Self, I have learned a LOT of things (which I will get into once I get the hang of this blog). During this Journey, things tend to get VERY real...sometimes in a pleasant way and sometimes in a NOT-so pleasant way. But it seems like at just the right… Continue reading Child of the 90s: I Remember (An Intro of Some Kind)