Sniffles AND Snow? NO PROBLEM!

My Way

I get my Energy from my Inner-G, I be in Outer Space but I got Inner Peace… –Lupe Fiasco, “I’m Beamin'”

…or NOT. See, this is the opening line from one of MANY songs I live by. Well at the moment, I’ve COMPLETELY done a dramatic avalanche landslide OFF and AWAY from both my Inner-G AND my Inner Peace. First, let’s start with this detox I’m supposed to be on right now. It’s called the 2014 Winter Renewal Detox. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Well, it IS. Or at least it WOULD be had I not fell off numerous times since I started on January 11th. Two of my Sisters put this entire detox together, Tae and Sherrice, and they’re both some AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, LOVING, TALENTED SISTAS! But I’ll tell you about my family later. XO

Anyway, I fell off of my detox and then yesterday, I woke up to a slightly irritated throat and a stuffy, runny nose! Seemingly from NOWHERE! But luckily I know better now. My body is simply reacting to and defending itself against the toxins that have built up in my body by way of the not-so-great foods I was eating for the past couple of weeks and a few other things.

I’ve come to learn that the illness referred to as “the common cold” is not that at all. In fact, there’s really no such thing as a “cold” in the way that we think. The runny, stuffy nose, congested chest, EXCESS MUCUS in general, is simply the body’s way of ridding itself of the toxins inside of it when it is unable to do so through regular digestion (urination and bowel movement) or sweating.

So anyway, I woke up “sicker than sick” so I’ve decided to just retreat into myself and regroup, recover and realign myself, which as I think I already told you, I NEED to do so anyway. This “cold,” which I’ll refer to as “body’s automatic detox reaction” (or BADR) is even MORE reason to hop on it!

Today though, I woke up bright and early because I went to sleep early last night (that almost NEVER happens anymore). I was still just as stuffy and sniffling as I was yesterday, but today I woke up with a PURPOSE.


And NO, I do NOT mean “OMIGAHHD! Like, let’s totally go shopping and buy out ALL the malls, YAAAAAAAY!” No. (-_-) I mean shopping for things I need at home. One main thing is FOOD!

See, when it comes to making shopping lists, categorizing and organizing them–I’m FINE! But when it comes to finding deals, low prices, sales, etc., I am a FLYING, HOT MESS!!! (>.<)


This is true especially because I’m transitioning my lifestyle into my Original African Holism, and a major part of that is HEALTH and NUTRITION. The story of this, and so many OTHER things I’ve told you about, will be written in detail in another entry. (HOW many times have I said this so far? HA, HA, HA, HAAAAA! It’s just that I have SO MUCH to share with y’all! xoxo)

Anyway, in the process of transitioning and improving MY lifestyle, I have every intention of bringing my people WITH ME, if they’ll have me. Starting at home, with my mother. Yes, that’s yet ANOTHER tale to be told, but let’s just say for now that our tastebuds aren’t quite the same anymore. I’m a few steps ahead of her, so certain foods I’ve come to ADORE (like raw, live foods, bean soups, etc), my mom looks at me like–(o_O) …… (-_-)

So yeah. There’s a LOT of work to be done for the BOTH of us.

So back to my issues with food shopping. I LOVE to play around and experiment in the kitchen, but the few dishes I make now are getting old, so I need to mix things up! Hence, my current journey of recipes! Quite a few people put me on with some recipes that both me AND my mother can enjoy. Tae and Sherrice, for one, my Big Sis Mel, a few other homies of mine, and I’ve started looking in to recipes on my own too.

I’m also being helped with the food shopping process. Don’t go thinking I’m some kind of Unable Kitchen Virgin–I’M NOT! Ha, ha! Only when it comes to this new lifestyle (which, isn’t new at ALL, but…yeah) with the certain foods, herbs, spices, etc…that are NOT always the easiest to find. ESPECIALLY 100% NATURAL and ORGANIC. Personally, I have issues with BOTH of those terms being thrown around today but….come on, say it with me–save that for ANOTHER ENTRY. 😉

The point is, I woke up pretty peacefully despite the BADR, and I looked outside to see it was SNOWING. Usually I do NOT do snow during its first fall, but hey, today I’m on a MISSION, so to speak. And anyway…this snow is soft, delicate and beautiful…and because I got such an early start, I got to go outside and enjoy the silence of the streets around my way. It was just me, the snow, a quietly passing car every now and then, and my thoughts.

What a nice way to start the day. I’m taking my Sweet Time, going out to buy all the things I need then go back home and lay low for the rest of the day.
Sounds like a plan to me!


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