How come…the Negroes of the so-called “CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY” are just as psycho-obsessed with Egypt as the Elitist, Racist, White Supremacist, “Scholarly” Egyptologist Caucasoids are?

I do NOT care if you call Egypt KEMET, KAM, CUSH, NO! The fact of the matter is FAR too many of my people are literally STUCK on Egypt like that’s the ONLY country in Africa worth studying, examining, learning about, etc., and I want to know WHY.

2 thoughts on “Question…#2

  1. Peace,

    It may be to a large degree related to location. KMT has the distinction of being the root of Western Civilization. If we were Africans in Arabia, we might be more focused on Sumer, Elam or the Indus Valley, the root of Arabian Civilization. The same can be said of the African in China who would be more focused on the African dynasties of China. Certainly there is much more to Africa’s story. But it’s important that one studies what relates to oneself. To a large degree Africans in the West are Westernized. Westerners have a fascination with KMT. Therein is the answer.

    Great blog!

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