Time to Break Out The LEGOS–I’M BUILDING A BODY!

I just wanted to pop in real quick with an entry before I run offline for some time. TODAY is DAY ONE of STARTING ANU with a Health & Fitness regimen! I start my workout tonight at 8:30 and right now I’m just making all the final preparations for when I get to WORK OUT MY FITNESS! Xoxo

Long story short, I’ve been wanting and meaning to start excercising again for SO LONG but for some reason inspiration eluded me and….I just kept putting Day One off until tomorrow. TERRIBLE feeling, let me tell you.

But lately, my Sweetheart has been pushing me and MOTIVATING me, helping me along in making the decision to GET UP AND GET IT POPPIN’ with my excercising–NO EXCUSES! He, along with his two awesome fitness expert brothers have been teaching me SO MUCH and giving me all the information and motivation I needed! You know, that Self-motivation with that extra BOOST from OUTSIDE influences who care about you. ^_^

I’ll be sure to tell you how it goes because this week is just what I’m calling my “Test Run” week where I get established with each exercise and see how it feels, if there’s any tweaking or changing needed, etc.

I’ll also share my sources and the foods I’m eating too. And if there’s ANY fitness and health experts out there (preferably HOLISTIC experts), FEEL FREE to give me any pointers or feedback because I WILL without a doubt, be sharing.

Ok, that’s all for now–PEACE! Xoxo

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