YES, it’s past two o’clock in the morning and YES I’m supposed to be sleep, travelling through Dimensions and Planes of Existence right now, but you know what? It JUST hit me to come and tell you this real quick–

I simply do NOT feel right about proceeding with my blog entries until I really DO tell you the stories I kept saying I’d tell you “in another entry.”

Ha, ha!

Therefore my idea to catch up with myself since I kinda LEFT ME is this: a short series of entries called “The I.O.U. Chapters.”

NO, but SERIOUSLY! I’m going to go back through my previous entries to read what stories I promised to tell you and then…I WILL. 🙂

I’m just SO excited about this blog (and in general at the moment, I had an AWESOME weekend and I’m still high from it all) just in case you can’t tell, so….yup.

‘Tis all for now.

Off to sleep I go.

FOR REAL this time.

Sweet Dreams. XO

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