Peace, World! I know, I know…it’s been a while since I actually posted an entry on my own on here! My apologies. I’ve just been SO BUSY that I got caught up and just didn’t have time to post regularly the way I wanted to. But not to worry! I’ve been making MAJOR MOVES!

Allow me to give you some quick updates on how I’m doing OVERALL:

In a previous entry, I was pretty much complaining about my food and nutritional challenges as far as, “YES, I know what to eat but NO, I don’t where to get these foods at reasonable prices!” Well THAT issue is OVER AND DONE WITH! With the help of family, friends, Elders, and also my own footwork, I’ve found the good places for my essential needs–ESPECIALLY the fruits and vegetables. Out of all the many stores, groceries, nooks, etc. around the city, it was all basically a process of elimination. First things first, I wrote out my food shopping list. I absolutely MUST have a shopping list otherwise ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE and I’ll be a mess trying to find what I need, forget things that I was supposed to buy, etc. Well, in the places I’m familiar with (Trader Joe’s, Fresh Grocer, Whole Foods, ShopRite, etc), I went and searched around the stores for the things on my shopping list and I wrote the prices down, then compared prices later. For example, say Almond Breeze almond milk at ShopRite cost $2.50 for a quart at ShopRite, but only $1.49 for a quart at Trader Joe’s. TRUST AND BELIEVE, I’m taking my happy ass ALL THE WAY downtown to Trader Joe’s for my almond milk! Ha, ha, HAAAA!

I know what you’re probably thinking, “Um…why not just do all that price comparing ONLINE?” 😮 And I reply–I TRIED, and it just did NOT work out for me. My issue was some stores, like Trader Joe’s only have certain items listed, some don’t have an online price guide at all, just the actual products, etc. It was a mess. Besides, I’m a much more on-the-go person anyway, so I didn’t mind running around to all these stores. I was THRILLED, actually. I get quite excited about food shopping and saving money. 🙂

Well, ANYWAY, that issue has been resolved.

And well, for the most part, I’m still riding the Wave of Life…enduring the ups AND the downs, learning to go with the flow, take it easy and not be so hard on myself, etc…those kinds of things. All in all, I’m HAPPY to be back! And guess what? I’m FINALLY going to tell you ALL the stories I owe you all from previous entries! As it turns out, there aren’t as many stories to catch you up on as I thought there would be. They’ll be pretty short and to the point. (Yeah, right. *side-eye*) Ha, ha! And then we go on from there….

I have some FANTASTIC CURRENT NEWS to share to…but first, I have some throwback stories to tell…



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