Rainy Days…

I’ve been in the house all day on this rainy day just practicing some drawing, playing around with pen sketches, and STILL seeking for TASTEFUL reference pictures of African people. After search after search after search, I’m FINALLY getting some nice search results. For one, I’m pretty much giving up on Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo, and every other search engine because after EVERY possible combination of the words “African,” “Black,” “African-American,” “Nude”, “Models,” “Photography,” “Reference Pictures,” and “Human Anatomy for Artists,” it’s only OH-SO clear of how disgustingly WHITE (and pornographic) the Internet really is.

Think that’s a “racist statement?” Well, go to Google Images and search both “Beautiful women” and “Handsome men” and see if you think I care whether you think that’s a “racist comment” or not. :-/

ANYHOO! I’m now searching places like blogs, some of my friend’s photo albums (the ones who collect the pictures that I’ve been looking for), Instagram, etc. So it’s ALL GOOD now! 😀

In other news, I never got a chance to update you–I’ve sold yet ANOTHER piece!

CURVE, We Swerve
CURVE, We Swerve

I sold it on Saturday, actually. Then I was all swept up in all the happenings of the Odunde Festival that I didn’t get a chance to come back and tell you. 🙂

All is well on my end…I’m just being Mindful of maintaining balance by taking the time to retreat from everything and have some “ME TIME!” That is… ITAL!!!! 😉

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