Peace, Family! NOW it’s time for the great news I’ve been dying to share! The moment of suspense is over! Ha, ha! On THURSDAY, JUNE 26th, 2014–I will be making the ULTIMATE COMEBACK on the art scene through LIVE PAINTING! It feels SO GOOD to be returning to this part of my Creative Outlets! I haven’t done a live painting since the early part of last fall! To all my PHILLY FAMILY, please come through and enjoy the eclectic mix of SPOKEN WORD, ART, MUSIC, GOOD FOOD, GOOD VIBES and GOOD PEOPLE! You get ALL OF THIS and it’s only a $10 donation! The show is from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m. What better way to start getting into the GROOVE of the weekend than to sit, relax and ENJOY YOURSELF on a cozy summer night? Along with my live painting, I’ll also have other artwork on display including original pieces available for purchase! Bring your friends, family and any other loved ones through–it’s gonna be FIIIYYYAAAAH! 😉
Here’s the Facebook event link: Hope to see you there! xoxox

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