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Morning Affirmation

  Ase. Good Morning... ❤  


Sam Mbah needs help

Please help any way you can!

Sam Mbah

Sam’s health has been deteriorating due to a heart condition. He needs an operation on his heart and is seeking to raise the US$12,000 required for the operation.

Jura Books in Australia is helping Sam to fundraise. Please make a donation now – any amount would be appreciated. You can donate from anywhere in the world via the Jura paypal, or by direct transfer into the Jura bank account below if you are in Australia. Please include the reference ‘Sam Mbah’ and email jura[at] to let them know you’ve made the donation. All funds will be sent to Sam in one transfer.

If you are in Sydney, there will also be a fundraising party with music and food: 6pm, Sat 21 June, at Jura (440 Parramatta Road, Petersham).

If you are able to organise fundraising in another part of the world, please let us know via the contact form…

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Underwater Dreams…

AALIYAH....ohhhhh...this SO, SO, SOOOO BEAUTIFUL, it's DEVASTATING. This woman was/is DEVASTATINGLY GORGEOUS. And I miss her so much. WOW. xoxoxo So HOW did I even get on to Aaliyah just now in the first place? Well, tell me WHY, I was just on Instagram looking at one of my favorite profiles Wonderful_Places, and I was… Continue reading Underwater Dreams…


Creator’s Joy!

Today has been a very productive day! I got some important things done...and SO, I rewarded myself with a fun art session! I pulled out all of my Sharpie markers, my pencils, my colored pencils, and my sketchbook...only to end up playing around on PHOTOSHOP. :-DIt's one of those "See what had happened was..." stories.… Continue reading Creator’s Joy!