Maimouna Youssef- We’re Already Royal

I LIKE this song! Wow! Check it out! xoxo

Kushite Empire

Maimouna Youssef and Brian “B.Kyle” Atkins team up again to create a powerful visual for “We’re Already Royal” – one of the leading songs from Maimouna’s mixtape – The Reintroduction of Mumu Fresh. I bought this mixtape and it’s amazing! Her music is very refreshing. You wont be disappointed. This video project shows how the modern day African American community still holds the same indicative set of core values, morals, and ethics instilled throughout history and evident in ancestral memory. Let it be known that at the core, we are Kings and Queens, despite the assumptions or misconceptions others may have of us as a people. I found this to be a very inspiring video. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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3 thoughts on “Maimouna Youssef- We’re Already Royal

    1. Yes, of course! Thank you and you’re welcome! It’s no surprise that I never even heard of her. Her music is too powerful and uplifting for the masses and the agenda. Those lyrics…wow. Well, I’m glad I know who she is NOW. 🙂 I even shared the song with my King and he likes it too. 😀 ❤

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