Creator’s Joy!

Today has been a very productive day! I got some important things done…and SO, I rewarded myself with a fun art session! I pulled out all of my Sharpie markers, my pencils, my colored pencils, and my sketchbook…only to end up playing around on PHOTOSHOP. 😀

It’s one of those “See what had happened was…” stories. Ha, ha.  Soooo….see what had happened was, I was doing a bit of logo work for a client in PhotoShop and when I was all done with that, I ended up opening up a new file and playing around with some of the tools. Long story short, I ended up drawing a character of mine! I don’t think I’ve officially introduced her to you yet!

10527571_10152164844605614_742251727694544774_n I actually drew this on July 2nd, right in time for the 4th of July! If you don’t know anything else about me, just know that I LOATHE that so-called “holiday,” and I won’t be caught living, dead or otherwise celebrating such non-sense. I mean, I USED to celebrate it…but then I started to learn the truth about ALL these U.S. “holidays,” and then it was a wrap for me. So, to reflect my absolute displeasure at all the Independence Day hype–SPECIFICALLY from MY people–I titled this piece “INDEPENDENCE?” Here’s the original caption from when I shared this on Facebook:

Question: July 4th is known as Independence Day, right? But Independence Day for WHO? Beyonce sang, “WAVE THE AMERICAN FLAAAG!” And I say, “WHAT FOR?” We, as Africans in America should be the absolute LAST people to be throwing ANY kind of so-called INDEPENDENCE DAY celebrations, let alone “WAVE THE AMERICAN FLAG.” First of all, who are YOU and WHAT do you think you’re INDEPENDENT of? Bragging about your money, car, clothes, house, etc….don’t mean SHIT. That is NOT independence. SORRY TO BURST THAT THERE BUBBLE. To this American System, you, my Brothers and Sisters, are nothing more but a bunch of no-good, shuffling, fast-to-spend-cash-but-still-on-welfare-ass NIGGERS. Niggers…where the OFFICE is the plantation. You’re STILL SLAVES. You buy into EVERY hyped-up, commercialized holiday the U.S. has to offer, NONE of which have ANYTHING to do with YOU outside of convincing you to hoop and holla and spend those dollars! Ugh. Most of my people looking at the US flag here are probably wondering WHY is it there and WHY is it UPSIDE DOWN if we’re NOT SUPPOSED TO BE WAVING or FLYING it in the FIRST place! Most of my people don’t even know WHAT FLAG is being held in this little girl’s hand! Well, Imma give YOU a homework assignment. Go to your nearest search engine and search “Pan-African Flag” and READ UP ON IT. Then search “US Flag upside down meaning” and READ UP ON THAT. THEN come back to my piece with new eyes and realize that WE, African people have NO REASON AT ALL to wave the AMERICAN FLAG and EVERY REASON to hang or fly it UPSIDE DOWN…

And THIS is why TONIGHT, you get the GRIZZLY…

So that’s pretty much what it is. She received EXCELLENT feedback overall on all my social media platforms and my King asked me what was her name. I told him I didn’t have a name for her and asked if he could give her one. And that he did.

SO, I PROUDLY introduce you to–NAHIEMA! 😀 I like it! My King is so silly, he said, “NAHIEMA! RHYMES WITH–?” And of COURSE I knew–KIEMA. (My name. Ha, ha!) ❤ 

Anyway, I playfully ended up doodling her in PhotoShop. Just me, my mouse, my not-so-steady hand and a joyful intention!


Yesssss! “STEADY CREEPIN’…” That is EXACTLY what little Nahiema is doing. Oh, and it’s also what I tend on doing (allegedly, if you let my KING it :-p ) And you know what? I really like this! I was always so scared of straight-up drawing on the computer with only a mouse, etc….but I think this is a style and medium I want to try out some more! Ha, ha! Awesome!


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