13 Years Later…


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Yesterday, August 25th, 2014, officially marked THIRTEEN YEARS since the untimely passing of the ONE, the ONLY… AALIYAHOf ALL things, one thing you should know about me is how much I absolutely LOVE this woman. I’ve made it clear all throughout my life.

I remember August 25th, 2001 like it was yesterday….

I was 10-years-old and it was early in the morning. I was sitting on the porch with my mom and we saw a bunch of our neighbors out in front of our house huddled around a newspaper…

We had NO idea what was going on, so my mom went outside to see what was up. (We have an enclosed porch) They let her look at the paper and she brought it back inside to me for me to take a look–

Then BOOM, there she was. Right there on the front page. It was an EXTREME…

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Divine Order, as ALWAYS…in the madness of my Facebook timeline, my Instagram feed, etc…ALL I see is 100% NEGATIVITY. 100% FOOLERY…and this alters MY mood! SO after raging inside for quite some time, breathing through it, removing people from my “friends” list.., I decided to back away…and drift on over to WordPress for some poetry. Before I could even start to look, THIS poem is the first thing that pops up on my Reader…ASE….ASE…

THIS IS THE TRUTH! And it’s EVERYTHING I feel…I don’t even have to say another word.

After Hours..., WARRIOR of LIGHT

Religion Vs. Spirituality

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately, especially since I’ve been falling back from everyone and everything. (YES, despite the fact that I’ve been out and about networking, vending, etc….I’ve STILL been falling back overall). This reflecting of mine includes reading over old journal entries, notes in my notebooks and even notes on my phone. In this case, I found one note of interest on my phone from back in January…it’s a note that I intended to share with everyone by publishing it in an entry but I never got around to doing it. So here, tonight, I’l share some of my innermost thoughts with you. Short, sweet and to the point:


Today, 01-28-14, it finally occurred to me:

I NO LONGER look at Spirituality as an alternative to Religion.

To do so no longer makes sense to me.

Because seeing as I AM Spirit manifested here in this Physical Body, I have no choice BUT to be Spiritual by default.

It’s my NATURE.

Spirituality is the noun form of a STATE OF BEING and DESCRIPTION (SPIRITUAL).

So when someone asks me what my religion is, I’ll no longer say “I have no religion, I’m a Spiritual Being,” I’ll say, “I have no religion, I’m a FREE Spirit.”

See the difference?

The thing is….we’ve all been tricked into dividing and separating things YET AGAIN.

We swing to a BRAND-NEW set of extremes.

To ask someone what their religion is, is like asking someone which prison are they locked up in?

That within itself is a WHOLE ‘nother story but…the point is, to say that you have no religion because you are SPIRITUAL is to imply that if you’re RELIGIOUS, then you’re NOT and CAN’T BE Spiritual.

That’s not true.

We forget that RELIGION IS SPIRITUALITY, broken up into fragments, pieces, and bits….infused with whatever cultural influences, human shade, perversions and hidden agendas and passed off as the ONE AND ONLY THING you need to live life here on this material plane and beyond.


So, back to the differences between the two replies to the same question: “I’m a Spiritual Being” vs” I’m a FREE Spirit.”

Again, the first answer implies that you can only be Spiritual if you DON’T have a claimed religion, and it also states that Spirituality is something to CHOOSE to be part of.

No….you just ARE.

Whether you’re a “GOOD” Spirit or a “BAD” one….you’re STILL SPIRITUAL.

But the second reply is EXACTLY what I feel, know and mean:

Because I no longer am a slave to organized religion, I am a FREE Spirit, and I don’t have to worry about my NATURAL Spirituality being stifled in any way by ANY Earthly influences.

And because Non-Religion/Free Spiritedness was the ORIGINAL FORM that Religions broke off and took from, I can feel free to jump from Religion to Religion, taking whatever I’m led to as I please because I already KNOW that the fragments I’m studying (no matter HOW PRETTY it’s set up to look), ALL are STILL a twisted, watered-down version of the ORIGINAL state of ONENESS with ALL and ALLNESS with ONE.

This is PRE-RELIGION Existence.

And I’m glad to be finally returning to it.





© 2014 K. N. Dozier (Way/SOULar Lioness). All Rights Reserved.


ZED’s Artisan Craft Fair: RECAP!

Ok! So JUST like I promised, I’m going to tell you all about the event on Saturday! Unfortunately, I didn’t quite get pictures the way I wanted to because I was off being a BUSY, BUZZING, NERVOUS BEE (I’ll explain), but SO MUCH has happened!

For starters, I had to borrow two somewhat small tables from the owner of the shop, Pamela–but guess what? WE MADE IT WORK! No lie, at first, I was a NERVOUS WRECK. Just the thought of sitting there outside all day smiling at strangers passing by me, hoping SOMEONE would stop and look at my artwork, or even BUY something! (I was selling some of my original artwork and face-painting). I started off with fear-based thoughts, “What if nobody even likes my art? What if no one BUYS anything? My art isn’t all that impressive! I’m out here looking FOOLISH! NO, NO, NOOOOOO!!” 😥

NO WORRIES, THOUGH! My ride on that particular Train of Thought didn’t last very long–I made SURE of that! I quickly cast the fears out and changed my point of view of the entire situation! I looked at it as a LEARNING experience instead and opened myself up in that way. I’m still brand-new to vending, so for the most part, I took time to pay attention to what other vendors were doing (their setup, their equipment, their mannerisms, how they interacted with potential customers, actual customers, etc.) and took notes in my small notebook, including a list of all the things that I’ll need to invest in as I get further into this VENDING WORLD!

Once I changed my perspective to one of an avid student learning new things (which is what I am ANYWAY), my nerves pretty much calmed down. As a result, SO MANY DOORS have been opened for me too! Throughout the day, some interesting people DID stop by my table, marveled at my artwork, and we spoke. I even exchanged information with some of them. Out of all these wonderful people who I spoke to, FOUR DIFFERENT PEOPLE came up to me with even MORE vending opportunities at THEIR different events and affairs! C-C-Can the CHUTCH say–??? I’ll tell you more about THAT later on as they draw closer and I’m actually SURE that I’ll be attending these events–I can’t give ALL the good stuff away NOW! 😀 ❤

I was in good company all day though! I was vending next to a kind woman named Dee, and SHE was vending her one-of-a-kind hand-crafted bags! From totes to tablet/laptop bags, to purses–her bags were FLYY (yup with TWO Y’s)! We talked all day and she even bought us some ice cream! (It was HOT as EVER outside with the Sun beaming down on us all Still…I gotta love my ruling planet though. ❤ ) I saw a few of my friends who knew I was vending and decided to stop by to see how I was doing. 🙂

I ended up selling THREE pieces! 😀 How exciting! And so…with that money I made, I bought myself these BIG, BEAUTIFUL silver earrings that’s in the shape of the Adinkra symbol, Gye Nyame, which means “except for God (I fear no one).

The event was from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. When it was close to the end of the event, all the vendors started to pack up, I did the same. Even though I didn’t do any face painting, like I said, I talked to a LOT of interesting folks, gave out almost ALL of my business cards, received plenty of contact information of others along with their events, etc.

So, the event ended, I went to Atiya Ola’s for a bite to eat and I spent the rest of the day with my King… 🙂 ❤

It was a wonderful, educational, uplifting experience overall, and again–I’ll keep you posted on what develops from these new connections that I’ve made.

With that being said–PEACE!

GOOD NIGHT! xoxoxo

🙂 ❤



Spinnin’ Zee Globe!

As I already made PERFECTLY CLEAR in my Underwater Dreams entry, one of my DEEPEST desires is to TRAVEL THE WORLD…ENJOY MYSELF…and EASE my WANDERLUST! Ha, ha.

So yesterday while I was on Facebook, I saw a picture from a Page that I like called Skai Juice, and she shared a picture  and brought to everyone’s attention a FREE E-BOOK by a man named Justin Troupe that’s all about WORLD TRAVEL!


C-c-can the CHUTCH say–not CHURCH, but CHUTCH–c-c-can the CHUTCH say, “AMEEEENNNN??!!!” 😀 ❤

Without wasting ANY time at all, I went to Justin’s website, signed up for his email list and BAM! I had access to his free e-book! The name of the e-book is called The Art of World Travel, and I SWEAR! This is EXACTLY what I need!

So for all my fellow WANDERLUSTERS out there, I thought I’d just share this with you. 😉 Just click on the picture below to access Justin’s website, sign up for the email list then BAM! You’re one step closer to traveling the world, too! 😉

YES! ❤



I can’t wait to get started on reading this! 😉


Where I’ve Been, What I’m Doing…


It’s been a short while since I’ve given you any updates as to exactly what I’ve been up to so I’ll tell you real quick what’s been up.

Well, for ONE, I celebrated my birthday (July 31st) and I’ve basically been in Birthday Mode ever since! HA, HA! 😀 I’ve been treating myself and being treated, writing in my journal, still drawing and creating, and reflecting on the short set of summer classes I took at an art school in South Philly. ❤

I’ve also been making MAJOR moves as far as my networking and artwork are concerned. (More on that coming SOON! You’ll see. Stay tuned! ❤ ) It’s like…NOW that I’m RECOMMITTED to myself (because like I said before, I’ve had my little backsliding days) to my 100% HEALING AND WELLNESS and STRENGTHENING my overall relationship with the Most High and my Ancestors…I SWEAR, things have been MOVING for me! Things are manifesting ALL OVER THE PLACE!

It’s FANTASTIC! I mean, yes, there are still a few things that popped up that I didn’t find to be very pleasant–*cough, cough–STUDENT LOAN DEBT COLLECTORS–cough, cough* but guess what? I can say that the manifestations in my life are STILL in effect even with THAT.


Because of the way I RESPONDED to the situation. It’s like…yes, I owe X amount of money, but guess what? It WILL be paid. I’m not even sweating it. I’m focusing on ME and NOTHING will sway, discourage or distract me anymore! I can’t afford to get caught up in ANYBODY’S madness no matter HOW it shows up before me. It’s something we ALL have to remember and apply to our lives.

Now on to the EXCELLENT NEWS!

TODAY, I just secured my vending spot for an event that’s taking place on Saturday in Southwest Philly! It’s called “Artisan Fair” and it’s being hosted by ZED’S Last Minute Gift Shop on 45th & Baltimore Avenue. 😀 I’ll be selling my paintings, some of which are the ones that are featured on my online shop Zee Art Shop! I’ll ALSO be face-painting for the little ones! WHOO! I haven’t touched my face paints since the Odunde Festival! This is a family-oriented outdoor event and ALL are welcome! There’s going to be food, other vendors selling their wares, and it’s going to be AWESOME! I promise to take pictures and tell you ALL about it! ❤

Now I’m just at home in my room, winding down for the day. After I secured my vending spot, I went food shopping. I’m TELLING you…food shopping is a WHOLE MISSION in and of ITSELF! I started yesterday….continued TODAY…it a MANY-PART MISSION! But things are going SO WELL! I’m STILL getting on my mother’s carnivorous nerves, but guess what? Even SHE is making major changes and doing well! Plus, I get to play around in the kitchen again! I’ve got so many ideas!

But all-in-all– it’s ALL GOOD!




Ok, so back in June, I created an official page here on WordPress that was intended to be my Art Shop. Unfortunately, the layout was FAR too sloppy and unprofessional and didn’t flow at all, so I took that page back apart until I could properly create my shop.


For REAL this time! Ha, ha!

Just follow the link by clicking on the “Zee Art Shop!” tab here on the blog or just click on the banner below and immerse yourself into my WORLD of CREATION! ❤ ❤ ❤

Here is where I’ll be selling original artwork, prints, and even MORE special treats coming soon. So STAY TUNED! 😀