13 Years Later…


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Yesterday, August 25th, 2014, officially marked THIRTEEN YEARS since the untimely passing of the ONE, the ONLY… AALIYAHOf ALL things, one thing you should know about me is how much I absolutely LOVE this woman. I’ve made it clear all throughout my life.

I remember August 25th, 2001 like it was yesterday….

I was 10-years-old and it was early in the morning. I was sitting on the porch with my mom and we saw a bunch of our neighbors out in front of our house huddled around a newspaper…

We had NO idea what was going on, so my mom went outside to see what was up. (We have an enclosed porch) They let her look at the paper and she brought it back inside to me for me to take a look–

Then BOOM, there she was. Right there on the front page. It was an EXTREME…

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Divine Order, as ALWAYS...in the madness of my Facebook timeline, my Instagram feed, etc...ALL I see is 100% NEGATIVITY. 100% FOOLERY...and this alters MY mood! SO after raging inside for quite some time, breathing through it, removing people from my "friends" list.., I decided to back away...and drift on over to WordPress for some poetry.… Continue reading Madness

After Hours..., WARRIOR of LIGHT

Religion Vs. Spirituality

I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately, especially since I've been falling back from everyone and everything. (YES, despite the fact that I've been out and about networking, vending, etc....I've STILL been falling back overall). This reflecting of mine includes reading over old journal entries, notes in my notebooks and even notes on my phone.… Continue reading Religion Vs. Spirituality


ZED’s Artisan Craft Fair: RECAP!

Ok! So JUST like I promised, I'm going to tell you all about the event on Saturday! Unfortunately, I didn't quite get pictures the way I wanted to because I was off being a BUSY, BUZZING, NERVOUS BEE (I'll explain), but SO MUCH has happened! For starters, I had to borrow two somewhat small tables from the… Continue reading ZED’s Artisan Craft Fair: RECAP!


Where I’ve Been, What I’m Doing…

PEACE, EVERYONE! 🙂 It's been a short while since I've given you any updates as to exactly what I've been up to so I'll tell you real quick what's been up. Well, for ONE, I celebrated my birthday (July 31st) and I've basically been in Birthday Mode ever since! HA, HA! 😀 I've been treating… Continue reading Where I’ve Been, What I’m Doing…



Ok, so back in June, I created an official page here on WordPress that was intended to be my Art Shop. Unfortunately, the layout was FAR too sloppy and unprofessional and didn't flow at all, so I took that page back apart until I could properly create my shop. WELL...the TIME HAS COME! ZEE ART… Continue reading OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR BUSINESS!