To Paint or NOT to Paint?: THE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE, Part 2

Check out my latest Arts entry LIVE on Ataensic Media! We’re learning more about the perils of shopping for quality art supplies! 🙂

Ataensic Media

Peace, everyone! If you’ve been following my blog posts you probably already know that I have started a mini-series of blog entries called “To PAINT or NOT to Paint?: The SHOPPING EXPERIENCE!”Hopefully my own personal experiences in the art supply shopping world will arm anyone who happens to come across this series with useful information AND inspire to create and try new things!

In my previous entry, I gave you all the basic run-down of paint and a few of the common terms used in identifying and categorizing different types of paint (don’t forget, I’m talking only about ACRYLIC paint here).

But since we’ve learned some nice new terms last time, NOW we can get a little more specific. Today in Part II, we will cover BRANDS of PAINT! 😀

So, like I’ve already explained before, when I went to the Art Institute my desire to paint was reignited…despite…

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