Matter-Of-Factly #1


Someone, somewhere out there, will ALWAYS have something NEGATIVE to say about what YOU’RE doing, saying, and thinking.


Whether or not you let that faze you is up to WHO….?

I think you know the answer to that one.

~Way (SOULar Lioness)



Why you wanna trip on me?
(Why? Why? Why? Whyyy?)
Why you wanna trip on me…?
~Michael Jackson

Monday, I decided that I’ve finally had enough. There’s entirely TOO MUCH going on in the world right now. No wait. I mean, there’s entirely TOO MUCH going on in the CYBER world right now. That goes for T.V., social media, mainstream media, independent media, etc. And because so much is going on in the cyber world, it ALWAYS manages to leak a little into MY world by way of family, friends, etc. sharing the same bullshit that I’m trying to shut out.

I don’t mean any of this in a cowardly way. I don’t mean any of this in a weak way filled with sighs, excuses or running away. What I mean is, Monday, I decided that I’ve finally had enough. See, I already had a pretty turbulent weekend….one which I won’t even go into detail about, but there are certain things that occured that’s been wearing on my Spirit. Until an hour or so ago when I talked it all out with my Baba Ogun, that is. I’m fine now on that note.
But anyway, DISTRACTIONS. On Facebook and Instagram, I declared to the world a nice, resounding–


I said: “Latest Distractions: “Hold it down, P.O.P.”/”Barely” memes, Bill Cosby allegations, Hollywood’s whitewashed representation of OBVIOUSLY African civilizations, the whitewashed AMAs and all other award shows, Beyonce’s 7/11 video, and the Ferguson trial ruling. Y’all keep falling RIGHT into these Media Mind Traps OVER AND OVER AND OVER again! Y’all trippin’…. *instant transmission to Someplace Else*”

And THAT’s the TRUTH! Well….I didn’t QUITE get to do an Instant Transmission….but what I considered to be close enough was to deactivate my Facebook, log out of my Instagram and all the other social sites, turn my cell phone off, take the case off, take the battery out, and throw all of this into my dresser drawer until further notice. I just needed to cut it ALL OFF! I was feeling distraught–physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually drained. I just needed to tune the whole world out and get MYSELF back on track. I needed to realign. Recalibrate, if you will. And it’s been going WONDERFULLY.

So of course, I love music and I can’t really do without it, so that’s the ONLY reason I put my phone back together and turned it back on. I need my Spotify like the air I breathe. My MUSIC keeps me sane, when my own thoughts have done quite enough on their own for some time.

Anyway, with my music on and the world off, I traveled through my own Mind, and got submerged into MYSELF COMPLETELY. I’ve been reading, writing, studying, planning, dreaming, writing some more. I even found some files on my laptop that I transferred over from my old one. Not long ago tonight, I saw a short story of I mine I wrote for my Fiction Writing class back when I was going to CCP. I actually just got finished reading it and editing it a bit. I REALLY oughta do something with this story, too. I’d like to get it published so you can see it one day. ❤

Well, the point I’m trying to make is, in freeing myself from the madness of the cyber world and the world in general, I’ve been having SO MUCH FUN restoring myself, rediscovering pieces of myself through old journal entries, or freewritten thoughts in notebooks, or EVEN old stories and plots from years ago. Rather than have social media, I turned to StumbleUpon, which, actually the only reason why I went Stumblin’ is because while I was cleaning up my emails I found an email from StumbleUpon with some suggested Stumbles…and I swear, they know me so well. This is ANOTHER way I’ve been keeping myself content, focused and inspired.

I just needed to get away.

And based on all the things I’ve been reading (ALL different sources on many different topics connected by the fact that they all have something to do with what I wish I accomplish in life), they have all aligned as signs and messages that I’m right in doing what I’m doing.

I don’t know why I’m telling you all this. I could have just as easily vanished off the face of the Internet and choose not to have anything to do with ANY of it anymore and just live happily ever after reading, writing, drawing, painting and cooking wherever I choose to go.

But something just told me, “Hey, write a blog entry.”

So, here you go. ❤


If YOU stop trippin’,

THEY’LL stop trippin’,

Everybody just STOP TRIPPIN’!

~Michael Jackson


25 things I’ve learned in all my 25 years of living.

infinite satori

Play me first.


I turned 25 this past weekend. In retrospect, I took a good look at my 25 years of living and felt perpetual gratitude for the life that I have and all that I’ve learned so far.

And so what have I learned? Here’s a thing or two.

1. Don’t find yourself, create yourself. We have the ability to become whoever we want to become, and to materialize the kind of lives we want to life. That’s a power that we can cultivate. The person you think you are, the kind of life you have right now, isn’t all that there is. You won’t always be this person, you can change, you can be better. You are meant to do great things, create yourself to become that person.

2. True love. That doesn’t mean to need, or to attach, or to keep them to be happy. It means…

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Do yourself a favor and buy that damn plane ticket already.

infinite satori

“Travel is never a matter of money but of courage.  I spent a large part of my youth traveling the world as a hippie. And what money did I have then? None. I barely had enough to pay for my fare. But I still consider those to have been the best years of my youth.The great lessons I learned has been precisely those that my journeys had taught me.”

-Paulo Coelho

I know you. You look through countless of travel blogs, browse through the travel section of the bookstore, read Lonely Planet guidebooks, and National Geographic magazines. You’re in love with city maps, atlases, and globes. You get shivers down your spine when you run your fingers down the tiny blood veins on a map as if it was breathing and coming alive. And it says to you, “Buy a god damn ticket and explore me.” But you don’t, because you…

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16 Most Important Things Every Woman Should Learn

infinite satori

“A woman is a beast. She is as lovely as she is repulsive. She is one part demon and one part goddess, one part slave and one part muse, one part child and one part mother. These contradictions are what makes a woman so intoxicating.”

– Andrea Mary Marshall


Note: This not just limited to one gender, it’s for everyone. But it is, however, dedicated to the sisterhood.

To every single woman in this world, I dedicate this post to you. May we always strive to become better people.

1. To be brave and to always follow your fears.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”- Anais Nin

If you weren’t afraid of anything, what would you do?

With courage, you are given the power to do anything in the world. We hold ourselves back so much because of fear. I’ve known so many women who have…

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Peace, everyone! I wrote my very first movie review! Here is my review of the newest release, “Beyond the Lights.” I hope you enjoy it!

Ataensic Media


It’s not often that I go to the movies. Matter of fact, I don’t go to the movies at ALL anymore because 1) There’s no good movies I’d want to go see and 2) On top of all that, it costs too much! I shouldn’t have to decide whether to eat for the week OR go to the movies. Nah, I’m good. BUT last Tuesday, I won two free movie passes in an email from ReelBlack to see the screening of Beyond the Lights before it was released in theaters everywhere that Friday and so, I went with my dear Elder, Baba Ogun at the Pearl Theater on Broad & Oxford. (I actually saw it TWICE because I went to see again on Saturday when I went with my King). 😉 ❤


Brief Plot Summary

Beyond the Lights is a film by Gina Prince-Bythewood (writer and director of Love and

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After Hours...

So Fresh and So CLEAN!

Just a small update! As you can see, I’ve changed the theme of my blog, thanks to a wonderful suggestion by my sister Tae Queen. I really like this neat, clean, tidy layout. I’ll be sticking with this theme for now. 😉

In my ART world, I’ve been busy working on this commission piece I have, creating other drawings and paintings, developing and perfecting my craft, taking online classes, continuing to build my online and offline presence, etc. so I’ve been BUSY! I’ve still been having my ups and downs as we all do, but I’m bouncing back and keeping it moving! 😀 ❤

Now, as far as my writing goes, I had to pull the poems I had posted on the blog down after being advised to do so. You know, all the copyright things, avoiding anyone plagiarizing my written works, etc. I REALLY liked the feedback that I got from my poetry. I appreciate you all…but…you know how things like this goes. We sometimes forget how VERY PUBLIC and HEAVY WITH TRAFFIC the internet is. Literally ANYBODY on the face of this earth can see what you post, even the shady and dishonest. Don’t worry though. I still have a treasury of poetry that I may actually publish one day. 😉

In my HEALTH world…this goes for food, fitness, etc…well, I’ve been having BIG FUN discovering all kinds of recipes (with DELECTABLE pictures to accompany them) and I’ve been harassing my mother ALL WEEK LONG about all the wonderful things I’m about to do in the kitchen for us! I must admit, the food I’ve been making so far is wonderful, but I feel like my Veganesque food preparation menu has been a bit LIMITED. So NOW that the weather is getting colder and I’m more likely to stay indoors these days, it only makes sense to start looking into some nice, healthy, yummy, hearty recipes!

Here’s a sneak peek of a recipe I want to try thanks to my sis Tashia!

Anyway, as the seasons continue to shift, so do I.

It’s all uphill from here. ❤


Why I Became A Vegetarian (And Why It’s None of Your Business)

Please support my sister’s new blog! If you’re all about a healthy lifestyle, vegan or vegetarianism ALL without the fluff and the sugarcoating–THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU. It’s EPIC! Peep her first entry! Enjoy the recipes!

Earth Wind & Curls

This has been a question asked of me in too many ways to count. In a country and society that prides itself on how many ways it can utilize meat products, the lifestyles of vegetarians and vegans alike always sparks quite intriguing conversations. But before the point of intrigue is reached, there is a moment where said persons facial expressions suddenly perk up as if they have heard another language they have never heard before and don’t know how to respond to it. Their body language continues to tell the story as they shift in their seats and find a way to process the information you just told them. And this  usually happens when they have a big honking piece of meat in front of them, or when you politely turn down their pigs in a blanket h’ordeuvres or chicken salad at the get-together they’re hosting. With their face screwed…

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I’m BACK! Here with my third and final installment in my mini-series, “To PAINT or NOT to Paint?: The SHOPPING EXPERIENCE!” I hope you enjoy it!

Ataensic Media

Peace, everyone! It’s been a while, I know…there were some things I had to deal with on my end but now I’m BACK and we can keep it moving and continue our  “To PAINT or NOT to Paint?: The SHOPPING EXPERIENCE!” series!  Now that you know all about some of these brands out here, in this final installment, I’ll briefly cover paint series and some cool places to buy art supplies for reasonable prices. LET’S GO! ❤


Have you ever seen a tube, bottle or jar of paint and it had a number on it like in the picture above? Maybe you paid more attention to the color than those silly numbers, right? But guess what? Those silly numbers have more to do with those colors you’re attracted to (AND how much you pay for them) than you think. 😉

What DO those numbers stand for anyway? 

Paints are numbered…

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