Why I Became A Vegetarian (And Why It’s None of Your Business)

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Earth Wind & Curls

This has been a question asked of me in too many ways to count. In a country and society that prides itself on how many ways it can utilize meat products, the lifestyles of vegetarians and vegans alike always sparks quite intriguing conversations. But before the point of intrigue is reached, there is a moment where said persons facial expressions suddenly perk up as if they have heard another language they have never heard before and don’t know how to respond to it. Their body language continues to tell the story as they shift in their seats and find a way to process the information you just told them. And this  usually happens when they have a big honking piece of meat in front of them, or when you politely turn down their pigs in a blanket h’ordeuvres or chicken salad at the get-together they’re hosting. With their face screwed…

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