So Fresh and So CLEAN!

Just a small update! As you can see, I’ve changed the theme of my blog, thanks to a wonderful suggestion by my sister Tae Queen. I really like this neat, clean, tidy layout. I’ll be sticking with this theme for now. 😉

In my ART world, I’ve been busy working on this commission piece I have, creating other drawings and paintings, developing and perfecting my craft, taking online classes, continuing to build my online and offline presence, etc. so I’ve been BUSY! I’ve still been having my ups and downs as we all do, but I’m bouncing back and keeping it moving! 😀 ❤

Now, as far as my writing goes, I had to pull the poems I had posted on the blog down after being advised to do so. You know, all the copyright things, avoiding anyone plagiarizing my written works, etc. I REALLY liked the feedback that I got from my poetry. I appreciate you all…but…you know how things like this goes. We sometimes forget how VERY PUBLIC and HEAVY WITH TRAFFIC the internet is. Literally ANYBODY on the face of this earth can see what you post, even the shady and dishonest. Don’t worry though. I still have a treasury of poetry that I may actually publish one day. 😉

In my HEALTH world…this goes for food, fitness, etc…well, I’ve been having BIG FUN discovering all kinds of recipes (with DELECTABLE pictures to accompany them) and I’ve been harassing my mother ALL WEEK LONG about all the wonderful things I’m about to do in the kitchen for us! I must admit, the food I’ve been making so far is wonderful, but I feel like my Veganesque food preparation menu has been a bit LIMITED. So NOW that the weather is getting colder and I’m more likely to stay indoors these days, it only makes sense to start looking into some nice, healthy, yummy, hearty recipes!

Here’s a sneak peek of a recipe I want to try thanks to my sis Tashia!

Anyway, as the seasons continue to shift, so do I.

It’s all uphill from here. ❤

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