Peace, everyone! I wrote my very first movie review! Here is my review of the newest release, “Beyond the Lights.” I hope you enjoy it!

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It’s not often that I go to the movies. Matter of fact, I don’t go to the movies at ALL anymore because 1) There’s no good movies I’d want to go see and 2) On top of all that, it costs too much! I shouldn’t have to decide whether to eat for the week OR go to the movies. Nah, I’m good. BUT last Tuesday, I won two free movie passes in an email from ReelBlack to see the screening of Beyond the Lights before it was released in theaters everywhere that Friday and so, I went with my dear Elder, Baba Ogun at the Pearl Theater on Broad & Oxford. (I actually saw it TWICE because I went to see again on Saturday when I went with my King). 😉 ❤


Brief Plot Summary

Beyond the Lights is a film by Gina Prince-Bythewood (writer and director of Love and

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