What’s in a Name?

Pardon my previous post. I was on my way to write THIS post, but while I was deciding in what format to post this entry, I was drawn to “Aside.” I’m still not quite sure what an Aside IS in terms of WordPress, but I’m sure it can’t be any different from what the word actually MEANS. Side commentary, a passing mention, something potentially useful to whoever may receive it all the same.


I wanted to see what an Aside looks like again because I had forgotten, so I just started typing whatever came to Mind. You know, just enough text so I could get the point of the format…and what you see in that previous post is the end result. Of course, as it turns out, as Aside looks just like all the REST of my entries using this current theme I have (Sketch Theme), so that’s that. But of course, I do kind of like that “test text” I wrote. I like the feel of it…maybe it doesn’t mean much to anyone on the outside looking in because I’M the one who sees and feels this as I typed away, without even thinking about it. I’m sure if I wanted to, I could take it, clean it up, add more, play around with it and transform it into either something new, something better, or something worse. Eh.

Well, anyway, this is the REAL post I wanted to write:

I feel like there is a STRONG chance that as I continue on my Path to my Life’s Purpose through the Arts, I may or may not confuse people with my NAME. It seems like I have MULTIPLE NAMES floating around on the Internet, depending on which platform one is viewing. Okay. Let me just END the confusion right here, right NOW…at 4 o’clock in the morning. 😉

Over the years, I’ve had Artist names come and go…but all you need to concern yourself with is THIS:

  • My name is Kiema Norris-Dozier. This is my birth name, given to me by my parents. You with me so far? GOOD. 😉
  • Because of the above, you may most likely see writings of mine or watermarks on my artwork that says K. N. Dozier. I ASSURE you, it’s still ME. I was inspired to start signing my name off that way YEARS ago by J. K. Rowling. Yes, it was THAT serious. :-p ❤
  • If you’re from Philly (especially the arts and poetry scene) or if you’re my friend on Facebook, you may know me as Way LaMatriz. There’s been a little confusion about this name of mine. “Way” is my ARTIST name ONLY. “WAY,” not “Way LaMatriz.” See, what had happened was (yes, it’s one of those kind of stories)…a long time ago, back when Facebook let you change your name as many times as you wanted, and I had finally settled for “Way” (which was back then only to be my STAGE NAME at open mics), I was PISSED when I found out Facebook REQUIRED you to have a last name. So, I wanted my name to be “Way Matrix” but ONLY for Facebook. Of course, Facebook had to be irksome and NOT allow me to use “Matrix” as my last name. So I, not one to be defeated, simply put “Matrix” in SPANISH (the language I’d been all wrapped up in love with at the time), “LaMatriz.” With that being said, “I WIN.” Right? 😉 Well, as time went on and I was still performing and meeting new people, it came to a point where I was simply being introduced to others by my STAGE NAME. So this stage name, “Way,” slowly morphed into my overall ARTIST name. So in ALL the various mediums of my artwork…I will sign my work and perform as…WAY.
  • SOULar Lioness is my Artist “AKA” name, in the same way Mos Def is also known as Yasiin Bey or how Billie Holiday was also known as Lady Day. Yes. It’s the EXACT SAME THING. This name with birthed not long after–
  • SOUL Meets BODY! Now, SOUL Meets BODY is not MY NAME. It’s the name of my BUSINESS. It’s the name of my BRAND. It was given to me by the Most High during my Vow of Silence last year, and I’ve claimed it gratefully as my own in conjunction to fulfilling my Righteous and Divine Life’s Purpose. ❤ ❤ ❤

Ok. That’s about it. I’ve been DYING to write something like this for the longest. Ha, ha! Now that I have…it’s 4:30 in the morning. The fact that I really sat and TYPED all this about names….well, I really SHOULD be getting to sleep now, huh? :-p ❤


Nighty-night (and good morning!) ❤

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