Late-Night Ramblings

Midnight…here we go.

To all my lovely readers out there, I bet you’re wondering, “Where on EARTH did this woman just come from writing post after random post…out of NOWHERE?”

One minute I’m here, the next minute I VANISH into the shadows of the night. And when I vanish, it’s usually for a long while where I don’t post at all, but little does anyone know, I’m silently lurking through WordPress (and now StumbleUpon) discovering new sources of inspiration. New ways of looking at things, things that confirm what I already hold dearly inside of my Spirit. You know, things like THAT. And sometimes…I really AM offline.

Then out of the blue, I write these things. These random, “unconnected” things.

But WHY?

I could just be blunt and say, “Because I CAN,” (which is true), but the answer I’ll give is, “I don’t know.”

OK, that’s the short, safe and uncertain answer. Honestly, like I said, I’ve been feeling SOOOO inspired lately, by things I’ve been reading, studying, StumblingUpon, my own thoughts, messages from my Angels and Ancestors, music….I pull inspiration from almost EVERYWHERE.

Well, for the past year, I’ve been focusing my energy into my visual arts and even though I pretty much write everyday, it wasn’t CREATIVE WRITING. So basically, that part of my writing ability somewhat atrophied. Ah, well. It’s time to get it back, that’s all.

Let me just make a couple of things clear:

1) I have this strange, new fascination with Asides here. ❤

2) There’s no further explanation I can or will give. You just have to FLOW with this. 😉

In the midst of all this, I’ve been getting new ideas left, right and center in relation to my Arts (writing, drawing, painting, designing, etc.) and this blog! Ooo! When I pull everything together just the way I like it and make some decisions, I’ll DEFINITELY let you in on it. Why should I leave y’all out in the cold? 😉 ❤

Ok, enough rambling!

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