Womb Awareness: How to Have an Organic Moon

Earth Wind & Curls

Every month a woman experiences something that can either be beautifully celebrated or seen as the worse curse mankind has ever seen. Yep. I’m addressing the pink elephant in the room. Or..more accurately, the red one.

In our society, it’s common to see a woman react to the time when her monthly menses is due. She sees it as an inconvenience to her life that can’t be seen any other way, so she proceeds to whine about it until there isn’t a spot of blood to be seen. For some women, the whining begins before they even start bleeding; a phenomenon usually known as the infamous PMS. It’s a time where a woman may not feel as attractive and may not even want anything to do with the area between her hips and inner thighs until the massacre is over with.

How do I know? Well I was one…

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