Movin’ On…

Peace, all!

Just a quick and brief update on what’s happening here at SOUL Meets BODY™!

I have some good news and bad news. Let me start with the bad news. The bad news is last night when I decided to check on my online shop and get ready to update it–I found that it was OFFLINE! Out of nowhere! The website my shop was being hosted on is offline. This was a shock to me because I was just checking and looking at my website a few days ago so this had to have JUST happened. So if anyone was trying to look at my online shop and couldn’t, I apologize for the inconvenience. I didn’t know my store was offline.

First I find out that my artwork was removed from display at a local business, then I find out my online shop is gone…ALL in one night! You think I’d be upset but….I only see this The Most High setting me up and preparing me for something BIGGER and BETTER for my life/career/LIFE PURPOSE. ASE! The fact that I can even LOOK at it this way lets me know that I AM, in fact, still growing! 😉

So on to the GOOD news.

This all means that I will be able to create a NEW and IMPROVED online shop which I will keep you posted about! 😀

Now I just want to thank everyone so much for liking and sharing my version of the “Six Best Doctors” post! I did NOT expect it to spread like wildfire across Facebook the way it did! Lol. But it’s very important that we know these things to take care of ourselves.<3


I also would like to thank the 80+ people who liked my page this week! So WELCOME TO “SOUL MEETS BODY!” Come on in and make yourselves comfortable and at home.

Peace! 😉


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