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Chanm Lensomni #1

"Did you miss me?" he asked in a hushed tone as he wrapped his arms around her from behind and nuzzled his nose into her hair. "Not as much as you hoped I would," she scoffed in reply. "Obviously you didn't miss me very much at all." "Hey now," he said, sounding genuinely taken aback.… Continue reading Chanm Lensomni #1


Ready Or Not Mixtape. 21616.

normal gene.

IMG_2993Ready Or Not Mixtape by Normal Gene

Hey y’all, heyy!

Wanted to personally deliver the news about my FIRST MIXTAPE!!!

On Tuesday, February 16, 2016 I’m releasing my #ReadyOrNotMixtape. You’re going to get 11 of my babies,

that I’ve decided to part ways with.. for you all.

Some of you have been Hella patient with me the past 2 years while I got my life enough to put this mixtapetogether and put it out. And, the wait is Finally over. It’s a year after my first single, Scrambled Eggs, wasreleased and it’s been a year of extreme growth. These 11 tracks are a reflection of that year (and some yearsprior), as well as some of this year. Actually, 2 of the songs on this project I wrote maybe 3-4 weeks ago.So, I’m giving you what I’ve got. It’s not perfect. In fact, that’s why I’m…

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  We ALL have these days. "Nope, I'm not for ANY of the bullshxt from ANYBODY. NOT TODAY." I just pulled an (unintentional) all-nighter playing around in Photoshop to create this piece. Just my way of letting off some steam and not letting negative Energies penetrate my world. (Hm, I should start doing digital art… Continue reading MOOD


…But I don’t know how to adult!

Purple Cravings

Why didn’t anyone tell us that our 20s would be this freakin confusing? I mean, no one said anything! When I was younger I remember being excited about being in my 20s. TV made it seem like it would be the best part of your life. LIES!!

The definition of being in your 20s should be “I’m just trying to make it” because I swear that’s always the response when I ask someone how they’re doing.

I’m not complaining about it but, at least as kids we had guides telling us what, when, and how to do something. For most of us, once college was over we stepped right into the world of confusion.

Side note: For those of you in your 20s and you have it all together, kudos to you! You figured it out! Please share your wisdom!

Entering your 20’s, “adulthood”, who knows what to do with…

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The Queen That Never Surrendered: Queen Nzinga

Ataensic Media

Edited by Tae Queen

Queen Nzinga Mbande was the monarch of the Mbundu people. Most famous for her resistance of Portuguese colonization and slave trade, she was known as a powerful military strategist who kept her people safe until her dying day.

One of her most famous encounters with the Portuguese was in 1622, when she met with Portuguese officials in Luanda to discuss a peace treaty. During this peace conference she established a line of trade with Portugal in hopes of securing weaponry. She also converted to Christianity to appease this connection, but Portugal was not satisfied with mere trade and desired African slaves. Nzinga, displeased with this deliberate breach of treaty, reached out to her brother, only to be saddened by his weakness on the matter. Her brother eventually committed suicide in 1626 leaving Nzinga as Queen of the Mbundu people.

Queen Nzinga took it upon herself to…

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Wake Up, Sleepyheads 💭

Nah, but FOR REAL THOUGH, does it REALLY kill you that much to extend "Black History Month" throughout the entire year for yourself as " My African Heritage 365" or something? Does it REALLY kill you not be so fad-driven, fake deep and trendy with hashtags and catch phrases tumbling from your person? Our story… Continue reading Wake Up, Sleepyheads 💭