Ready Or Not Mixtape. 21616.

normal gene.

IMG_2993Ready Or Not Mixtape by Normal Gene

Hey y’all, heyy!

Wanted to personally deliver the news about my FIRST MIXTAPE!!!

On Tuesday, February 16, 2016 I’m releasing my #ReadyOrNotMixtape. You’re going to get 11 of my babies,

that I’ve decided to part ways with.. for you all.

Some of you have been Hella patient with me the past 2 years while I got my life enough to put this mixtapetogether and put it out. And, the wait is Finally over. It’s a year after my first single, Scrambled Eggs, wasreleased and it’s been a year of extreme growth. These 11 tracks are a reflection of that year (and some yearsprior), as well as some of this year. Actually, 2 of the songs on this project I wrote maybe 3-4 weeks ago.So, I’m giving you what I’ve got. It’s not perfect. In fact, that’s why I’m…

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