To Be “In Bloom”: Gentle Evolution

What’s good, Family? ❤

As you all know, my special surprise I was hinting at and teasing you about in my previous blog entry is FINALLY HERE! If you’ve read the blog or even  visited the website, then you now know that the name of my collection is called the “In Bloom Collection!” Here in this entry, I’ll explain the significance of the name.

I know you must be thinking, “Um Way, what’s so significant about it? Clearly you’re talking about the spring–we get it.” BUT–again, there’s more to it…


The world may celebrate the “New Year” on January 1st, but for those of us who are in tune or on our way to returning to being in tune with nature, we know that the true “New Year” is the Spring Equinox, which is roughly around the 21st of March. Spring represents new life blossoming forward after the long, cold, barren winter season. New life comes to us from Mother Earth in the form of a clear blue sky and sunlight; bright, beautiful fragrant flowers; fresh rainfall; leaves on the trees; birds and butterflies, etc. We also tend to get the feeling of a fresh start, renewed Energy, and a chance to finally go outside and play! 😀

So in the same vein as Spring itself, I’ve been quietly undergoing my own transformations in my life. Given the winter, it wasn’t always easy, but I’m still here. I am still well on my Path of Remembering and Healing, and I’m taking great strides towards my Highest Self. (I mean, aren’t we all)?

I want SOUL Meets BODY to embody these changes in myself and in nature, so I quietly unplugged the site so I could switch it up and totally revamp it with ALL-NEW art, products and services to present to the world with my very own flair! This is specially-made for my sistas out there all around the world! I’m so excited about all of this! This is my VERY FIRST OFFICIAL COLLECTION EVERRRR! 😀

As more and more ideas for new art, personal endeavors, and adventures spring into my my Mind (pun intended) like the flowers of this season, I realize that “In Bloom” is the perfect name to bestow upon this collection of work.

“In Bloom” instantly brings springtime to my Mind with flowers, green grass and trees; but what’s even more special is the fact that it’s such a PRESENT statement. To be “in bloom” is an on-going thing. No matter when you say it or how many times you say it, it’s always happening RIGHT NOW. This actually brings a kind of peace over me (yes, because in the midst of working on the site and things behind the scenes, I was abusing myself like crazy! I wasn’t sleeping right, eating right, NOTHING! I was so EXCITED to get this out to you, I forgot to take care of ME! But it’s okay…I’ve neutralized. Ha, ha!)

In short:


We are ever-changing, ever-growing, ever-beautiful and ever-loving.

And THAT, my friends, is how the 2016 “In Bloom Collection” came to be.

I said it before and I’ll say it again: THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!

Keep on shining! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐




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