As a bit of a continuation of my previous post, I’ll explain one of my newest artworks: UNDERPAINT.


UNDERPAINT is my own cute twist on the title of the popular role-playing video game called UNDERTALEin which the player plays as a human child who has fallen down into a hole Alice-in-Wonderland-style to a place called the Underground. Underground  is the magical realm where monsters (who once co-existed in peace with Humans on Earth above ground) retreated after being defeated in a war with Humans. From this point onward, the player embarks on an adventure through Underground to try to find his/her way back home.

Throughout the game, as the player encounters monsters and other situations, there is something involved called DETERMINATION. We all know what the word itself means, yes?

A simple definition: “A quality that makes you continue trying to do or achieve something that is difficult.” (Merriam-Webster)

Well, in the context of the game, DETERMINATION is not only the above definition, but it is also the game-saving checkpoints too. Every time the player goes to a checkpoint (yellow star in the picture below), a phrase pops up that generally shows appreciation for something going on in the close vicinity; the phrase always ends with “(It) fills you with determination.”


For UNDERPAINT, I was watching a playthrough of UNDERTALE  on YouTube late one night when the idea hit me! As an Artist (or as I like to say, Heartist), I know it can be hard sometimes and since we’re so sensitive about our shit (as Ms. Badu so beautifully phrased it), we can crucify ourselves faster than the speed of light! We Creators and Creatresses can be our own worst enemies, especially if we feel like a piece of artwork isn’t turning out the way we want.

So this encouraging phrase popped into my Mind: “Knowing this blank canvas will one day be a beautiful work of art…It fills you with DETERMINATION.”

And filled me with DETERMINATION, it did! 😀 ⭐

The next day it dawned on me…I would LOVE to wear that as a shirt or even wear that on my own bag! (I don’t remember ever being THAT hype over my own artwork before lol). Then I thought about how many OTHER people would enjoy and appreciate an encouraging message like that staring them in the face everyday: My fellow ARTISTS…my fellow UNDERTALE fans…my fellow ARTISTS who ALSO happens to be UNDERTALE fans and vice versa! Even if one isn’t a fan of UNDERTALE, it’s still a  wonderful way to be encouraged to push forward anyway. That blank canvas can even be a metaphor that represents our lives. ❤ ❤ ❤

That’s when I KNEW I had to get this particular collection out to the masses!

Now, for the title UNDERPAINT.

Underpainting is a technique used in which an initial layer of paint is applied to a surface (canvas, etc.), which serves as a base for subsequent layers of paint on top, which builds up to the final product.

With that being said, UNDERPAINT was the PERFECT title for this and appreciation of mine.

Are you filled with DETERMINATION? Let the world know! Click any of the pictures below to start your UNDERPAINT collection. ❤

Underpaint Tote                                     Underpaint Cup FrontUnderpaint Pillow

Underpaint Uni 1          Underpaint Women Scoop 1




4 thoughts on “DETERMINATION: A Quick Tale

    1. I think you have really got a catchy saying that will not only sell but will encourage people to do what they wish instead of just thinking about it or talking about it. thank you for sharing that! Very inspiring morning since I read it. Pay no mind to the haters. THINK OF IT THIS WAY, I LIKE TO THINK: “I WOULD LISTEN TO YOU AND PAY YOU MIND BUT I’M BROKE!” Put THAT on a shirt! But give me the props- just my name. MY name is
      -Lisa J Karson. I’m at -hat tilt

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