Why are insects so drawn to LIGHT? I wonder if there’s any deeper, metaphysical, spiritual reasons behind that….?


Question… #4


Yo…when’s the last time you did something because you really WANTED to do, it FELT right, you KNEW it was right, it made you HAPPY and NOT because you were busy worrying about impressing people/other outside forces?


Really sit…and THINK about that.


Why is it that SLAVERY and CIVIL RIGHTS are the ONLY things being talked, taught and learned about for “Black History Month”…during the SHORTEST month of the year? What about our story BEFORE that?



How come…the Negroes of the so-called “CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY” are just as psycho-obsessed with Egypt as the Elitist, Racist, White Supremacist, “Scholarly” Egyptologist Caucasoids are?

I do NOT care if you call Egypt KEMET, KAM, CUSH, NO! The fact of the matter is FAR too many of my people are literally STUCK on Egypt like that’s the ONLY country in Africa worth studying, examining, learning about, etc., and I want to know WHY.