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Peace, all!

Just a quick and brief update on what’s happening here at SOUL Meets BODY™!

I have some good news and bad news. Let me start with the bad news. The bad news is last night when I decided to check on my online shop and get ready to update it–I found that it was OFFLINE! Out of nowhere! The website my shop was being hosted on is offline. This was a shock to me because I was just checking and looking at my website a few days ago so this had to have JUST happened. So if anyone was trying to look at my online shop and couldn’t, I apologize for the inconvenience. I didn’t know my store was offline.

First I find out that my artwork was removed from display at a local business, then I find out my online shop is gone…ALL in one night! You think I’d be upset but….I only see this The Most High setting me up and preparing me for something BIGGER and BETTER for my life/career/LIFE PURPOSE. ASE! The fact that I can even LOOK at it this way lets me know that I AM, in fact, still growing! 😉

So on to the GOOD news.

This all means that I will be able to create a NEW and IMPROVED online shop which I will keep you posted about! 😀

Now I just want to thank everyone so much for liking and sharing my version of the “Six Best Doctors” post! I did NOT expect it to spread like wildfire across Facebook the way it did! Lol. But it’s very important that we know these things to take care of ourselves.<3


I also would like to thank the 80+ people who liked my page this week! So WELCOME TO “SOUL MEETS BODY!” Come on in and make yourselves comfortable and at home.

Peace! 😉



week 28 \ 2015: meet the browns

I just HAD to reblog this one. There’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing about artist’s work. xoxo Especially another BLACK artist. ^_^



Last year, in order to get over my long anti-artmaking funk, I pledged to create something daily for 100 days in a row. It started out as a chore. I was uninspired. Annoyed. Frustrated. Feeling washed up + inadequate and wanted to throw all my sketches away.. But by the end, I was doubling, tripling, sometimes even quadrupling my required quota. And I must tell you, that one saying about creativity never running out is true. I started drawing and I wanted to draw more. I was inspired by the elements, fabrics, buildings- everything. I was back.

midsmmr2“milk shake” hoops inspired by Beads Byaree

And now, as an artist coming into her own, I really strive to inspire, if nothing else. I don’t yet consider my work deep or moving, but it’s from the heart and it reflects who I am and what I want to see. My…

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#LoveSerenaHateRacism A Discourse On Western Attitudes Towards Serena Williams

This has to be the best article I’ve read on Ms. Serena Williams TO DATE.

Media Diversified

It was a tough crowd out there … the story of my life. ~ Serena Williams

I once said that I am the most underestimated Grand Slam winner. Every article says “she overpowered her opponent.” It is a lot more than I never get credit for mental and it is kind of frustrating. ~ Serena Williams

When people like me, they tell me it is in spite of my color. When they dislike me, they point out that it is not because of my color. Either way, I am locked into the infernal circle. ~ Frantz Fanon

She is Frank Bruno with lipstick. Bigger arms than Frank too. ~ Online comment

by Ahmed Olayinka Sule 

“I could not believe what came out of his mouth…he said some awful things… and as an African American I’m not going to stand for it” she said as she approached the umpire pointing…

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Zits – Face Invaders with a Message

One of my sisters, Sherrice tells it like it is in this brief, to-the-point piece about skin concerns and the meaning behind them.

Ataensic Media

Sherrice's Zit

So you woke up one morning and found a zit dead square in the middle of your eyebrows. You’re devastated and your flawless skin has been compromised. Maybe you’re taking important pictures or meeting a new client. Maybe you have a hot date with your significant other and you want to look your best. Whatever the situation, your face looks like an explosion and you need help. Sometimes, a simple swab of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, or witch hazel infused with tea tree oil will do. Unfortunately, these remedies are temporary solutions and will only work for the long term if you address the underlying issue.

Take a close look at my picture above. My face tells a story about a holiday weekend of yummy food that’s not good for me. I didn’t cook it, didn’t check the ingredients, and consumed way too much. Since I rarely eat this way, my body went into an acidic…

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Curl Talk with YOUnique Magazine

Earth Wind & Curls

photo 2 (4) Hey there..

I love having natural curl-friends!Back in January, a friend of mine tagged me in a post about being featured in a magazine looking to interview women with gorgeous natural manes. Well of course, I jumped at the opportunity! I’m definitely not new to the featured hair game but love sharing my story to everyone about my hair journey. Some people think that hair is just hair. But to a woman, it’s SO much more than that. I was raised to believe and know that my hair was my crown and glory. According to the women in my family, if you hair and feet looked good, then YOU looked good. To me, embracing your natural tresses is a daily spiritual practice, as you’re discovering yourself over and over again. Washing and tending to it becomes a ritual. Getting to the source of who you really are. So you’re…

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Womb Awareness: How to Have an Organic Moon

Earth Wind & Curls

Every month a woman experiences something that can either be beautifully celebrated or seen as the worse curse mankind has ever seen. Yep. I’m addressing the pink elephant in the room. Or..more accurately, the red one.

In our society, it’s common to see a woman react to the time when her monthly menses is due. She sees it as an inconvenience to her life that can’t be seen any other way, so she proceeds to whine about it until there isn’t a spot of blood to be seen. For some women, the whining begins before they even start bleeding; a phenomenon usually known as the infamous PMS. It’s a time where a woman may not feel as attractive and may not even want anything to do with the area between her hips and inner thighs until the massacre is over with.

How do I know? Well I was one…

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Full Moon in Cancer…… Khepera the Scarab Beetle

You can stop feeling so crazy now….xoxox


Happy Full Moon!

Hi everyone! If you’ve been following my 13 sign astrology info, then you know this full moon is in Cancer, not Leo. Check your google sky map apps. I’m sorry but western astrology can be so misleading. This is a very important distinction right here. The difference between Cancer and Leo is massive! Cancer is the sign of incubation and Leo is the Sun, manifestation. Before you can manifest anything, it has to be felt in the unseen world first. Cancers symbol in ancient Egyptian astrology is the scarab beetle. The scarab is a very mystical symbol filled with the internal eternal. It digs and buries itself just to be reborn again, much like the moon. This process of gestation and growth belong to Cancer. The mysterious and changeable sign represents mother ocean and all its varied existence. Everything is born from the ocean. Cancer is a cardinal sign and…

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Start ANU!

Ataensic Media

Peace, peace!

What’s up, everybody! I’m back in this “New Year” with some quick updates on what I’ve been up to in my absence.

I’ve been working quietly and diligently on new projects from artwork to building new connections and relationships with productive, successful, like-Minded people, making long-term plans for the year, branching out for more art events and MORE! ❤ I’m keeping a LOT of things under wraps for now, but in the long run you’ll be in the know when all of my goals manifest! I could NEVER keep y’all out of the loop for long! 😉

But seriously, these days I’m mainly focusing on posting on Instagram for the most part, so if you’re looking for more frequent updates about what’s going on in my world, you can always find me @SOULarLioness!

Here are a few work-in-progress pictures of a piece I’m currently working on:



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