Spinnin’ Zee Globe!

As I already made PERFECTLY CLEAR in my Underwater Dreams entry, one of my DEEPEST desires is to TRAVEL THE WORLD…ENJOY MYSELF…and EASE my WANDERLUST! Ha, ha.

So yesterday while I was on Facebook, I saw a picture from a Page that I like called Skai Juice, and she shared a picture  and brought to everyone’s attention a FREE E-BOOK by a man named Justin Troupe that’s all about WORLD TRAVEL!


C-c-can the CHUTCH say–not CHURCH, but CHUTCH–c-c-can the CHUTCH say, “AMEEEENNNN??!!!” 😀 ❤

Without wasting ANY time at all, I went to Justin’s website, signed up for his email list and BAM! I had access to his free e-book! The name of the e-book is called The Art of World Travel, and I SWEAR! This is EXACTLY what I need!

So for all my fellow WANDERLUSTERS out there, I thought I’d just share this with you. 😉 Just click on the picture below to access Justin’s website, sign up for the email list then BAM! You’re one step closer to traveling the world, too! 😉

YES! ❤



I can’t wait to get started on reading this! 😉


Underwater Dreams…

Rock 1 Rock 2 Rock 3 Rock 4 Rock 5 Rock 6 Rock 7AALIYAH….ohhhhh…this woman…is SO, SO, SOOOO BEAUTIFUL, it’s DEVASTATING. This woman was/is DEVASTATINGLY GORGEOUS. And I miss her so much. WOW. xoxoxo

So HOW did I even get on to Aaliyah just now in the first place? Well, tell me WHY, I was just on Instagram looking at one of my favorite profiles Wonderful_Places, and I was just being swept AWAY in the fantastic , overwhelming beauty of all those photos from all around the world! I ESPECIALLY loved the underwater photos….it’s my DREAM to swim freely underwater….I LOVE the idea of being completely submerged UNDERWATER (uh-oh…I’m about to say it again! Say it with me! “But THAT’s ANOTHER story!” Oh, but I PROMISE, I’ll get back to that. Ha, ha, ha!).

So, I ended up going to Google to look up how to take pictures underwater, etc. I found out about waterproof/underwater cameras and housing cases for a camera you already own. It looks to me like it would be better (and COST LESS) to just get an underwater camera. So THEN I started to look at the examples of underwater shots…THEN my Mind drifted to Aaliyah’s Rock the Boat…”and THAT’S when I Googled “Aaliyah Underwater gifs.”

I LOVE the Rock the Boat music video. I always have, but I ESPECIALLY love the underwater scenes….ahhh…SO beautiful….I feel like NO ONE did it like her. I know Aaliyah wasn’t the first or the last to shoot scenes underwater, but because I’m her STAN FOR LIFE…yeah. It’s LIKE THAT. This is MY logic. 😀 ❤

So…I just decided to share this with you…why don’t we ALL bask in her beauty? (Plus, I like to see all the gifs at one time). ❤

The REAL point is….seeing those photos on that Instagram page makes my Wanderlust flare up! 😮 ❤

I want to travel so badly….ah, yes….and I ask myself, “Well, why CAN’T it be?”

I’mma tell you this RIGHT NOW: I WILL TRAVEL ABROAD ONE DAY, and I’ll be sharing my photos too! ❤ YES!

One day at a time though….one step at a time…. 😉