Delayed Reaction

The gravity of the reality
of this situation
came crashing down upon me
In waves,
solid waves,
throughout the night
last night.
And the absolute finality
of this frozen memory
also dawned upon me,
haunting me…
Tears soon followed
in waves,
solid waves,
throughout the night
last night,
haunting, daunting, taunting
For what seems to be
an eternity.
It’s almost hard to imagine
that I will be alright.

© 2016 K. N. Dozier. All rights reserved.

When the Inevitable Comes Knocking Again

After that last word was written,
Envelope sealed,
I felt myself be lifted
Up from my body, where I stare blankly down at myself
As I move now without thought…
My Mind is a million miles away
My eyes are dry but threaten to breaststroke
And the shards of my Heart are
Raining down, invisible.

© 2016 K. N. Dozier. All rights reserved.

Questions & Revelations


Precious One,

You’re still on site. You’re still living amongst the wreckage of the plane crash. You thought there were no survivors because you looked up and saw that you were alone. The man who was on board with you got out using his parachute LONG before the plane even took that nosedive. The very same parachute he told you about before you even boarded the flight….that night. The very same night your Spirit beckoned you to grab your parachute too and RUN OFF on foot…but you went AGAINST that instinct.

Therefore you betrayed yourself.

Therefore you broke your own Heart.

Therefore you caused your own death.

Or at least, it WOULD’VE been your death if it wasn’t for the intervening of the Ancestors.

The plane did plummet from the sky…..the plane did break apart and explode on impact, but you somehow survived. Badly burned, badly scarred, barely breathing but you were alive all the same. The Ancestors protected you, yes. but not from EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING. There WAS pain that needed to be felt, you were knocked unconscious, but you LIVED.

So why are you still living here amongst the wreckage? Are you hoping that he will one day come looking for you? Are you hoping to ride away together by sea instead? I’m telling you something…but it’s nothing you don’t already know: He’s not coming. Nobody is coming. He’s already on the other side of the world. He took another flight out with another and touched down into his new reality of completion and fulfillment.

What about you now?

Your body has healed almost completely at this point, you appear to be totally functional but you’re still somehow living amongst the wreckage. I’m calling this to your attention because you go through your everyday life….just “fine.”

You booked and took another flight with someone new. You’re currently under a bit of turbulence but the ride has been overall beautiful so far.

But everywhere you look every now and then, you see HIM…at least, someone who REMINDS you of him.

And in an instant you’re transported right back to the scene of the plane crash. It happens so easily, so quickly. TOO EASILY. TOO QUICKLY. That’s means you’re still THERE. Precious One, WHY are you still rolling and tumbling and thrashing around in the debris of the crash of that pilot-less plane?

That loveless flight?

That delusional trip?

Why, my Firefly, are you still here?

Ⓒ 2016 K. N. Dozier. All rights reserved.


As a bit of a continuation of my previous post, I’ll explain one of my newest artworks: UNDERPAINT.


UNDERPAINT is my own cute twist on the title of the popular role-playing video game called UNDERTALEin which the player plays as a human child who has fallen down into a hole Alice-in-Wonderland-style to a place called the Underground. Underground  is the magical realm where monsters (who once co-existed in peace with Humans on Earth above ground) retreated after being defeated in a war with Humans. From this point onward, the player embarks on an adventure through Underground to try to find his/her way back home.

Throughout the game, as the player encounters monsters and other situations, there is something involved called DETERMINATION. We all know what the word itself means, yes?

A simple definition: “A quality that makes you continue trying to do or achieve something that is difficult.” (Merriam-Webster)

Well, in the context of the game, DETERMINATION is not only the above definition, but it is also the game-saving checkpoints too. Every time the player goes to a checkpoint (yellow star in the picture below), a phrase pops up that generally shows appreciation for something going on in the close vicinity; the phrase always ends with “(It) fills you with determination.”


For UNDERPAINT, I was watching a playthrough of UNDERTALE  on YouTube late one night when the idea hit me! As an Artist (or as I like to say, Heartist), I know it can be hard sometimes and since we’re so sensitive about our shit (as Ms. Badu so beautifully phrased it), we can crucify ourselves faster than the speed of light! We Creators and Creatresses can be our own worst enemies, especially if we feel like a piece of artwork isn’t turning out the way we want.

So this encouraging phrase popped into my Mind: “Knowing this blank canvas will one day be a beautiful work of art…It fills you with DETERMINATION.”

And filled me with DETERMINATION, it did! 😀 ⭐

The next day it dawned on me…I would LOVE to wear that as a shirt or even wear that on my own bag! (I don’t remember ever being THAT hype over my own artwork before lol). Then I thought about how many OTHER people would enjoy and appreciate an encouraging message like that staring them in the face everyday: My fellow ARTISTS…my fellow UNDERTALE fans…my fellow ARTISTS who ALSO happens to be UNDERTALE fans and vice versa! Even if one isn’t a fan of UNDERTALE, it’s still a  wonderful way to be encouraged to push forward anyway. That blank canvas can even be a metaphor that represents our lives. ❤ ❤ ❤

That’s when I KNEW I had to get this particular collection out to the masses!

Now, for the title UNDERPAINT.

Underpainting is a technique used in which an initial layer of paint is applied to a surface (canvas, etc.), which serves as a base for subsequent layers of paint on top, which builds up to the final product.

With that being said, UNDERPAINT was the PERFECT title for this and appreciation of mine.

Are you filled with DETERMINATION? Let the world know! Click any of the pictures below to start your UNDERPAINT collection. ❤

Underpaint Tote                                     Underpaint Cup FrontUnderpaint Pillow

Underpaint Uni 1          Underpaint Women Scoop 1




To Be “In Bloom”: Gentle Evolution

What’s good, Family? ❤

As you all know, my special surprise I was hinting at and teasing you about in my previous blog entry is FINALLY HERE! If you’ve read the blog or even  visited the website, then you now know that the name of my collection is called the “In Bloom Collection!” Here in this entry, I’ll explain the significance of the name.

I know you must be thinking, “Um Way, what’s so significant about it? Clearly you’re talking about the spring–we get it.” BUT–again, there’s more to it…


The world may celebrate the “New Year” on January 1st, but for those of us who are in tune or on our way to returning to being in tune with nature, we know that the true “New Year” is the Spring Equinox, which is roughly around the 21st of March. Spring represents new life blossoming forward after the long, cold, barren winter season. New life comes to us from Mother Earth in the form of a clear blue sky and sunlight; bright, beautiful fragrant flowers; fresh rainfall; leaves on the trees; birds and butterflies, etc. We also tend to get the feeling of a fresh start, renewed Energy, and a chance to finally go outside and play! 😀

So in the same vein as Spring itself, I’ve been quietly undergoing my own transformations in my life. Given the winter, it wasn’t always easy, but I’m still here. I am still well on my Path of Remembering and Healing, and I’m taking great strides towards my Highest Self. (I mean, aren’t we all)?

I want SOUL Meets BODY to embody these changes in myself and in nature, so I quietly unplugged the site so I could switch it up and totally revamp it with ALL-NEW art, products and services to present to the world with my very own flair! This is specially-made for my sistas out there all around the world! I’m so excited about all of this! This is my VERY FIRST OFFICIAL COLLECTION EVERRRR! 😀

As more and more ideas for new art, personal endeavors, and adventures spring into my my Mind (pun intended) like the flowers of this season, I realize that “In Bloom” is the perfect name to bestow upon this collection of work.

“In Bloom” instantly brings springtime to my Mind with flowers, green grass and trees; but what’s even more special is the fact that it’s such a PRESENT statement. To be “in bloom” is an on-going thing. No matter when you say it or how many times you say it, it’s always happening RIGHT NOW. This actually brings a kind of peace over me (yes, because in the midst of working on the site and things behind the scenes, I was abusing myself like crazy! I wasn’t sleeping right, eating right, NOTHING! I was so EXCITED to get this out to you, I forgot to take care of ME! But it’s okay…I’ve neutralized. Ha, ha!)

In short:


We are ever-changing, ever-growing, ever-beautiful and ever-loving.

And THAT, my friends, is how the 2016 “In Bloom Collection” came to be.

I said it before and I’ll say it again: THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!

Keep on shining! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐




YESSS!!! After all the quiet toiling and working and grinding….oh, and FIGHTING to NOT spill the beans too soon…
I HAVE ARRIVED! Just in time for SPRING! ^_^
I present to you….
My very FIRST SOUL Meets BODY Spring Collection! 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤
This photo is just a GLIMPSE. From ME to YOU!
Head on over to for the REST of the surprise!
I’m SO HYPE, Y’ALL! YESSS!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


So, if you follow me on my other social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) you may have noticed that I’ve been kinda off the radar, and when I WOULD “check in” I’d do so with some cryptic message.

Namely that I have a special surprise for all of you! 😄

Well, I’m excited to say that the wait is almost over –FINALLY!



Make sure you swing on over to the SOUL Meets BODY™ main website at 12:00 p.m. EST!

I am just TOO HYPE FOR THIS MOMENT! 💖 ✨💖✨💖