After Hours..., It Was Written...


And there you were in the restaurant, sitting quietly in the corner enjoying a late lunch, looking as handsome as ever. My eyes couldn’t help but to keep darting to the left, sneaking peeks, snatching glances. It was too bittersweet to be true.

Is that you…?

Some hours past, I found myself in the center of the city as the sun bade this side of the world farewell until tomorrow. I concentrated on going where I need to be and…There he was, in the crowd….standing quietly on the corner, suspended in time within the frame of my Mind.

My Heart forgot its primary function…the air in my lungs vanished and my eyes stared transfixed at a sight I haven’t seen in SO LONG…so long…

Frozen within that moment, the traffic light was red. Then he walked towards me…the light was green. I walked towards him…the light was green…he walked PAST me…my breath still hadn’t returned. Deja vu struck.

It was never you.

But why am I still haunted by your image…hour later…here alone in my bed?

How could this be?


© 2014 K. N. Dozier. All Rights Reserved.

After Hours..., It Was Written...

“Like,1 or 2…”

I’m feeling beautiful, repulsive, lonely and romantic. Talk to me. Lay with me. Watch me watching you watch me as I sigh quietly and force myself not to look away. Light a candle and try to make it last forever; dance with the shadows on the walls; part those lovely luscious African lips of yours as I slide my hands down my belly to reach a little lower and part mine and….can our centers meet, King? I’m feeling sexy, toxic, mysterious and delirious. Kiss me. Kiss her. Yes, she has a name. SHE and HER, not IT. Let’s get married. Let’s laugh at the magnitude of the joke of that previous statement. Let’s make love and brew hate and mix to the two to see what happens next….or not. Let me go because I want to stay. Draw the line then cross it. Find your way into my world because I’m already lost inside yours. Light some incense and blow the candle out. Let’s lie in the dark amidst the fluid, blue-white smoke spiraling from the tips of the incense to some unseen heavenly planes. Let’s watch our natural darkness blend in with our surroundings. Fall in love with me to these binaural beats. Let it slip into your Mind, wrap itself around your Soul and make your Heart its news home. I’m feeling blissful, loose, suicidal and sacred. Let’s blast off to the moon, Neptune, even Jupiter…all without leaving this room. Brace yourself, I feel myself floating away. Out of my body, out of your Mind. But hey…it’s just the two of us, right? Make the confusion go away. Promise me we’ll be forever. And the confusion will go away.



© 2014 K. N. Dozier. All Rights Reserved.

After Hours...

Late-Night Ramblings

Midnight…here we go.

To all my lovely readers out there, I bet you’re wondering, “Where on EARTH did this woman just come from writing post after random post…out of NOWHERE?”

One minute I’m here, the next minute I VANISH into the shadows of the night. And when I vanish, it’s usually for a long while where I don’t post at all, but little does anyone know, I’m silently lurking through WordPress (and now StumbleUpon) discovering new sources of inspiration. New ways of looking at things, things that confirm what I already hold dearly inside of my Spirit. You know, things like THAT. And sometimes…I really AM offline.

Then out of the blue, I write these things. These random, “unconnected” things.

But WHY?

I could just be blunt and say, “Because I CAN,” (which is true), but the answer I’ll give is, “I don’t know.”

OK, that’s the short, safe and uncertain answer. Honestly, like I said, I’ve been feeling SOOOO inspired lately, by things I’ve been reading, studying, StumblingUpon, my own thoughts, messages from my Angels and Ancestors, music….I pull inspiration from almost EVERYWHERE.

Well, for the past year, I’ve been focusing my energy into my visual arts and even though I pretty much write everyday, it wasn’t CREATIVE WRITING. So basically, that part of my writing ability somewhat atrophied. Ah, well. It’s time to get it back, that’s all.

Let me just make a couple of things clear:

1) I have this strange, new fascination with Asides here. ❤

2) There’s no further explanation I can or will give. You just have to FLOW with this. 😉

In the midst of all this, I’ve been getting new ideas left, right and center in relation to my Arts (writing, drawing, painting, designing, etc.) and this blog! Ooo! When I pull everything together just the way I like it and make some decisions, I’ll DEFINITELY let you in on it. Why should I leave y’all out in the cold? 😉 ❤

Ok, enough rambling!

After Hours..., It Was Written...

Relating All Too Well to Illusions

Twenty-three. I’m in tears….as if I was decades older, looking back on lost memories. Here, an old woman without you, for I lost you so many years ago.

Twenty-three. I’m in tears…mourning a loss I never experienced because the very thought of any kind of resemblance of a possibility of losing you hurts me more than anything I’ve REALLY experienced ever did.

Twenty-three. These late-night emotions are triggered by the imaginary circumstances glaring out at me on the T.V. Oh, how I relate to the main character too well. Feel his loss too well. Cry so easily.

Twenty-three. I am twenty-three. Not one-hundred-and-three…and you’re still here. So beautiful….so real…so brown….so black…so African…so loved…so mine…

I think it’s safe for my tears to dry.

After Hours..., WARRIOR of LIGHT

Religion Vs. Spirituality

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately, especially since I’ve been falling back from everyone and everything. (YES, despite the fact that I’ve been out and about networking, vending, etc….I’ve STILL been falling back overall). This reflecting of mine includes reading over old journal entries, notes in my notebooks and even notes on my phone. In this case, I found one note of interest on my phone from back in January…it’s a note that I intended to share with everyone by publishing it in an entry but I never got around to doing it. So here, tonight, I’l share some of my innermost thoughts with you. Short, sweet and to the point:


Today, 01-28-14, it finally occurred to me:

I NO LONGER look at Spirituality as an alternative to Religion.

To do so no longer makes sense to me.

Because seeing as I AM Spirit manifested here in this Physical Body, I have no choice BUT to be Spiritual by default.

It’s my NATURE.

Spirituality is the noun form of a STATE OF BEING and DESCRIPTION (SPIRITUAL).

So when someone asks me what my religion is, I’ll no longer say “I have no religion, I’m a Spiritual Being,” I’ll say, “I have no religion, I’m a FREE Spirit.”

See the difference?

The thing is….we’ve all been tricked into dividing and separating things YET AGAIN.

We swing to a BRAND-NEW set of extremes.

To ask someone what their religion is, is like asking someone which prison are they locked up in?

That within itself is a WHOLE ‘nother story but…the point is, to say that you have no religion because you are SPIRITUAL is to imply that if you’re RELIGIOUS, then you’re NOT and CAN’T BE Spiritual.

That’s not true.

We forget that RELIGION IS SPIRITUALITY, broken up into fragments, pieces, and bits….infused with whatever cultural influences, human shade, perversions and hidden agendas and passed off as the ONE AND ONLY THING you need to live life here on this material plane and beyond.


So, back to the differences between the two replies to the same question: “I’m a Spiritual Being” vs” I’m a FREE Spirit.”

Again, the first answer implies that you can only be Spiritual if you DON’T have a claimed religion, and it also states that Spirituality is something to CHOOSE to be part of.

No….you just ARE.

Whether you’re a “GOOD” Spirit or a “BAD” one….you’re STILL SPIRITUAL.

But the second reply is EXACTLY what I feel, know and mean:

Because I no longer am a slave to organized religion, I am a FREE Spirit, and I don’t have to worry about my NATURAL Spirituality being stifled in any way by ANY Earthly influences.

And because Non-Religion/Free Spiritedness was the ORIGINAL FORM that Religions broke off and took from, I can feel free to jump from Religion to Religion, taking whatever I’m led to as I please because I already KNOW that the fragments I’m studying (no matter HOW PRETTY it’s set up to look), ALL are STILL a twisted, watered-down version of the ORIGINAL state of ONENESS with ALL and ALLNESS with ONE.

This is PRE-RELIGION Existence.

And I’m glad to be finally returning to it.





© 2014 K. N. Dozier (Way/SOULar Lioness). All Rights Reserved.



Ok, so back in June, I created an official page here on WordPress that was intended to be my Art Shop. Unfortunately, the layout was FAR too sloppy and unprofessional and didn’t flow at all, so I took that page back apart until I could properly create my shop.


For REAL this time! Ha, ha!

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