Wake Up, Sleepyheads đź’­

Nah, but FOR REAL THOUGH, does it REALLY kill you that much to extend "Black History Month" throughout the entire year for yourself as " My African Heritage 365" or something? Does it REALLY kill you not be so fad-driven, fake deep and trendy with hashtags and catch phrases tumbling from your person? Our story… Continue reading Wake Up, Sleepyheads đź’­



"What happens to a dream deferred?" Is the question he asked me so long ago, Long before my current form was formed Long before there was even a he and she To make ME. Still, from a faraway place I heard the question. So here and now I turn towards the sky And reply, "What… Continue reading Deferred?

It Was Written...

Two, Too, To

"You're trying too hard," she said. "You're trying way too hard." He hung his head low and stared down at his busy fingers: thumbs twiddling, fingers lacing and unlacing. An uncomfortable silence hung in the air. Finally, he glanced up at her and asked solemnly, "So what would you have me do?" She leaned forward, grabbed… Continue reading Two, Too, To

After Hours..., Art

Just A Quiet, Late-Night/Early-Morning Update

I know that my latest blog post on Ataensic Media was unusually brief, so here is just a bit more fleshing out of what I've been up to. I'm still sharpening my skills in all my chosen mediums of Artistic Expression; I'm working on a few new projects that pertain to expanding SOUL Meets BODY™. I'm working… Continue reading Just A Quiet, Late-Night/Early-Morning Update


Habari Gani?

Habari Gani? Or "What's the news?" Today is the FIRST DAY OF KWANZAA, which is UMOJA or "Unity." To celebrate, I'll be sharing a new drawing for each day of Kwanzaa, which is SEVEN DAYS long, from December 26th until January 1st. ❤ Here's the first one! To see the rest, check it out on my… Continue reading Habari Gani?

After Hours..., It Was Written...


And there you were in the restaurant, sitting quietly in the corner enjoying a late lunch, looking as handsome as ever. My eyes couldn't help but to keep darting to the left, sneaking peeks, snatching glances. It was too bittersweet to be true. Is that you...? Some hours past, I found myself in the center… Continue reading Deja….

After Hours..., It Was Written...

“Like,1 or 2…”

I'm feeling beautiful, repulsive, lonely and romantic. Talk to me. Lay with me. Watch me watching you watch me as I sigh quietly and force myself not to look away. Light a candle and try to make it last forever; dance with the shadows on the walls; part those lovely luscious African lips of yours… Continue reading “Like,1 or 2…”

After Hours...

Late-Night Ramblings

Midnight...here we go. To all my lovely readers out there, I bet you're wondering, "Where on EARTH did this woman just come from writing post after random post...out of NOWHERE?" One minute I'm here, the next minute I VANISH into the shadows of the night. And when I vanish, it's usually for a long while where… Continue reading Late-Night Ramblings



I Taking over my Soul I've got no other place to go Where I can live inside the glow Of a True Love that I've never known. II Now it's haunting all of my Dreams It's really funnier than it seems Moans and piercing screams But what does it mean? III Diminished into lines Of small,… Continue reading I II III

After Hours..., It Was Written...

--It's getting late. Don't you think we ought to leave? -- --Li? --Yeah? --Did you hear me? We really ought to go. --Hmph. Is that so? And where are we gonna go next? --Well, I'm going to take you home. There's no need for you to be out here at this hour by yourself in… Continue reading