Wake Up, Sleepyheads šŸ’­

Nah, but FOR REAL THOUGH, does it REALLY kill you that much to extend “Black History Month” throughout the entire year for yourself as ” My African Heritage 365″ or something?

Does it REALLY kill you not be so fad-driven, fake deep and trendy with hashtags and catch phrases tumbling from your person?

Our story isn’t a joke.

Our story isn’t JUST slavery.


You keep saying what happened in the past is PASSED but…if you don’t even know what the past IS, how can you even say that for sure?

Because trust me, you’ll actually find how very WRONG you are.


It’s okay to live life, have fun, laugh, dance, sing, make love and eat chocolate…we don’t ALWAYS have to be so grim….but the ONLY way to do THAT to the fullest extent of our Being IS to know our FULL story.

Once we know the Truth, there is no UNLEARNING it. Once we know the Truth, the WHOLE Truth and nothing BUT the Truth…and we take the time to go within and HEAL ourselves, man oh man, will YOU be a force to reckon with!






“What happens to a dream deferred?”

Is the question he asked me so long ago,

Long before my current form was formed

Long before there was even a he and she

To make ME.

Still, from a faraway place

I heard the question.

So here and now I turn towards the sky

And reply,

“What happens to a dream deferred?

It just so happens, that they go on into



Neither created nor destroyed

Cycling through lifetimes

Never coming to an end,

Flowing through one to the next,


Until the day

A dear spirit comes along

And fulfills

What the previous spirits could not

Or would not.

What happens to a dream deferred?

I’d like to think my thoughts as theory

For I have no intention of ever really


The answer.”


Ā© 2015 K. N. Dozier. All rights reserved.


It Was Written...

Two, Too, To

“You’re trying too hard,” she said. “You’re tryingĀ way too hard.”

He hung his head low and stared down at his busy fingers: thumbs twiddling, fingers lacing and unlacing. An uncomfortable silence hung in the air. Finally, he glanced up at her and asked solemnly, “So what would you have me do?”

She leaned forward, grabbed his hands and stared straight into his eyes. “I,” she said, “wouldn’t have you do anything.Ā That, my love, is up to you.”

Ā© 2015 K. N. Dozier. All Rights Reserved.

After Hours..., Art

Just A Quiet, Late-Night/Early-Morning Update

I know that my latest blog post on Ataensic Media was unusually brief, so here is just a bitĀ more fleshing out of what I’ve been up to.

I’m still sharpeningĀ my skills in all my chosen mediums of Artistic Expression; I’m working on a few new projects that pertain to expanding SOUL Meets BODYā„¢. I’m working on new artwork, new products, new services and even more exciting things I can’tĀ wait to share with you all! Ā šŸ˜€ ā¤

Because the Most High is GOOD and GOOD ALL THE TIME, last month I’ve been ledĀ to some MAJOR opportunities that will make a significantĀ change in my life and the ones I love for the better! It’s under wraps for now, but I’m quietly working on this too. šŸ˜‰

I am ALIVE and WELL on INSTAGRAM! Yes, I can’t emphasize this enough! Yeah, I’ll still be on here posting here and there on WordPress until I get my consistency back up to where it was, but as of right now,out of all my social media outlets, I’m the most active on the ‘Gram. So don’t forget where I am! >>> @SOULarLioness <<<

I’m still here! Don’t even worry! šŸ˜‰

Speaking of which, in HONOR of my Queen AALIYAH DANA HAUGHTON’S 36th birthday (January 16th), I’ll post this song which pretty much says it all!

Enjoy! Peace! šŸ˜‰ ā¤ ā¤ ā¤



Habari Gani?

Habari Gani?Ā Or “What’s the news?” Today is the FIRST DAY OF KWANZAA, which is UMOJA or “Unity.”

To celebrate, I’ll be sharing a new drawing for each day of Kwanzaa, which is SEVEN DAYS long, from December 26th until January 1st. ā¤

Here’s the first one! To see the rest, check it out on my Instagram page @SOULarLioness!

Happy Holidays! (Only the REAL holy days though) šŸ˜‰


After Hours..., It Was Written...


And there you were in the restaurant, sitting quietly in the corner enjoying a late lunch, looking as handsome as ever. My eyes couldn’t help but to keep darting to the left, sneaking peeks, snatching glances. It was too bittersweet to be true.

Is that you…?

Some hours past, I found myself in the center of the city as the sun bade this side of the world farewell until tomorrow. I concentrated on going where I need to be and…There he was, in the crowd….standing quietly on the corner, suspended in time within the frame of my Mind.

My Heart forgot its primary function…the air in my lungs vanished and my eyes stared transfixed at a sight I haven’t seen in SO LONG…so long…

Frozen within that moment, the traffic light was red. Then he walked towards me…the light was green. I walked towards him…the light was green…he walked PAST me…my breath still hadn’t returned. Deja vu struck.

It was never you.

But why am I still haunted by your image…hour later…here alone in my bed?

How could this be?


Ā© 2014 K. N. Dozier. All Rights Reserved.

After Hours..., It Was Written...

“Like,1 or 2…”

I’m feeling beautiful, repulsive, lonely and romantic. Talk to me. Lay with me. Watch me watching you watch me as I sigh quietly and force myself not to look away. Light a candle and try to make it last forever; dance with the shadows on the walls; part those lovely luscious African lips of yours as I slide my hands down my belly to reach a little lower and part mine and….can our centers meet, King? I’m feeling sexy, toxic, mysterious and delirious. Kiss me. Kiss her. Yes, she has a name. SHE and HER, not IT. Let’s get married. Let’s laugh at the magnitude of the joke of that previous statement. Let’s make love and brew hate and mix to the two to see what happens next….or not. Let me go because I want to stay. Draw the line then cross it. Find your way into my world because I’m already lost inside yours. Light some incense and blow the candle out. Let’s lie in the dark amidst the fluid, blue-white smoke spiraling from the tips of the incense to some unseen heavenly planes. Let’s watch our natural darkness blend in with our surroundings. Fall in love with me to these binaural beats. Let it slip into your Mind, wrap itself around your Soul and make your Heart its news home. I’m feeling blissful, loose, suicidal and sacred. Let’s blast off to the moon, Neptune, even Jupiter…all without leaving this room. Brace yourself, I feel myself floating away. Out of my body, out of your Mind. But hey…it’s just the two of us, right? Make the confusion go away. Promise me we’ll be forever. And the confusion will go away.



Ā© 2014 K. N. Dozier. All Rights Reserved.

After Hours...

Late-Night Ramblings

Midnight…here we go.

To all my lovely readers out there, I bet you’re wondering, “Where on EARTH did this woman just come from writing post after random post…out of NOWHERE?”

One minute I’m here, the next minute I VANISH into the shadows of the night. And when IĀ vanish, it’s usually for a long while where I don’t post at all, but little does anyone know, I’m silently lurking through WordPress (and now StumbleUpon) discovering new sources of inspiration. New ways of looking at things, things that confirm what I already hold dearly inside of my Spirit. You know, things like THAT. And sometimes…I really AM offline.

Then out of the blue, I write these things. These random, “unconnected” things.

But WHY?

I could just be blunt and say, “Because I CAN,” (which is true), but the answer I’ll give is, “I don’t know.”

OK, that’s the short, safe and uncertain answer. Honestly, like I said, I’ve been feeling SOOOO inspired lately, by things I’ve been reading, studying, StumblingUpon, my own thoughts, messages from my Angels and Ancestors, music….I pull inspiration from almost EVERYWHERE.

Well, for the past year, I’ve been focusing my energy into my visual arts and even though I pretty much write everyday, it wasn’t CREATIVE WRITING. So basically, that part of my writing ability somewhat atrophied. Ah, well. It’s time to get it back, that’s all.

Let me just make a couple of things clear:

1) I have this strange, new fascination with Asides here. ā¤

2) There’s no further explanation I can or will give. You just have to FLOW with this. šŸ˜‰

In the midst of all this, I’ve been getting new ideas left, right and center in relation to my Arts (writing, drawing, painting, designing, etc.) and this blog! Ooo! When I pull everything together just the way I like it and make some decisions, I’ll DEFINITELY let you in on it. Why should I leave y’all out in the cold? šŸ˜‰ ā¤

Ok, enough rambling!




Taking over my Soul

I’ve got no other place to go

Where I can live inside the glow

Of a True Love that I’ve never known.


Now it’s hauntingĀ all of my Dreams

It’s really funnier than it seems

Moans and piercing screams

But what does it mean?


Diminished into lines

Of small, undulating rhymes

I surely know I have lost my Mind

Bound to this eternal illusion of Time.

Ā©2014 K. N. Dozier. All Rights Reserved.

After Hours..., It Was Written...

–It’s getting late. Don’t you think we ought to leave?



–Did you hear me? We really ought to go.

–Hmph. Is that so? And where are we gonna go next?

–Well, I’m going to take you home. There’s no need for you to be out here at this hour by yourself in the cold, so–

–So? So THEN what? You think you can play the Charming Prince, Mr. Chivalry, or Rescue Hero? Is THAT it? Pull up to the front of my place, attempt to linger with some long-ass “good night” that actually translates to, “Can I come in so I can COME in and COME in it?”

–Whoa, wait a damn minute! Where is all of this even coming from?

–You know damn well where this is coming from!


–Wow. Um…let me just drive you home, okay?

–NO. I don’t need any ride from you. I’ll get home myself. I’m not some helpless little girl.

–Li, you can’t go wandering around in the night like this. Please, just let me drive you home.

–Is it okay if I drive you home?

–Look, I’ll drop you off in front of the door, you get out the car, and I’ll drive away without another word.









Ā©2014 K. N. Dozier. All Rights Reserved.