I can lie here and feel safe…and warm I can fall into your arms and away From the ways Of this Twist’d world forever… I can breathe in your precious, Natural Earthy Spice of a Scent Clinging to your Cinnamon Skin And I can find myself…spiraling Quickly out of CONTROL Blissfully into Ordered Chaos And… Continue reading Ability

After Hours..., It Was Written...

Chanm Lensomni #1

"Did you miss me?" he asked in a hushed tone as he wrapped his arms around her from behind and nuzzled his nose into her hair. "Not as much as you hoped I would," she scoffed in reply. "Obviously you didn't miss me very much at all." "Hey now," he said, sounding genuinely taken aback.… Continue reading Chanm Lensomni #1

It Was Written...

Where’d You Go?

"Oh baby, where'd you go? I need you here with me..." Lying awake in this bed once again, I'm so lonely without you. These visions I have in my head just won't fade and I don't know what to do. At the risk of sounding like a sad 90s R&B song, I can't help but… Continue reading Where’d You Go?

It Was Written...


I watch your body's movement Its language I'm so attuned to Your eyelashes lower suggestively And I get caught up inside... A sensation I can never seem to get used to The warmth of your gentle fingers Caressing me Graceful and full of meaning I become so overwhelmed with passion Seeking my Soul deep in… Continue reading 1

After Hours..., It Was Written...

Girl Talk

-- Girl, why do you keep chasin' after that man like a lost puppy who thinks it's found its owner? If he wanted you, he woulda at LEAST noticed you by now. -- Girlfriend, who do you think you foolin'? All those love letters you keep writing....and NEVER sending. *snickers* Lord KNOWS desperation wasn't a… Continue reading Girl Talk



She said she wanted to Dive Deep, So he took her DEEPER Past the limits she created against herself Past the default faults of her essence Simply because what she saw was only A skewed version of her True Essence So he took her hand... And they DOVE. She said she wanted to Dive Deep...… Continue reading Destination

It Was Written...

It Was Written (4)(H)

Dear You, You couldn't be any further from happy than you are right now. Not everything is all moonlight and rose petals on silk-covered beds. I can see it in your eyes...those are the windows I'm climbing through. I can see all the barriers in every wrinkle in your nose and the furrow of your… Continue reading It Was Written (4)(H)

After Hours..., It Was Written...

“Like,1 or 2…”

I'm feeling beautiful, repulsive, lonely and romantic. Talk to me. Lay with me. Watch me watching you watch me as I sigh quietly and force myself not to look away. Light a candle and try to make it last forever; dance with the shadows on the walls; part those lovely luscious African lips of yours… Continue reading “Like,1 or 2…”

After Hours..., It Was Written...

--It's getting late. Don't you think we ought to leave? -- --Li? --Yeah? --Did you hear me? We really ought to go. --Hmph. Is that so? And where are we gonna go next? --Well, I'm going to take you home. There's no need for you to be out here at this hour by yourself in… Continue reading

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TOMORROW, It’s Goin’ DOWWNNNNE!* \(^o^)/

TOMORROW, IT'S GOIN' DOWWWNE!* Come on out to one of Philly's HOTTEST OPEN MICS, "COFFEE AFTER DARK!" hosted by the one and only D. Lantz! On top of all the wonderful spoken word, music, food, people, and VIBES--witness YOURS TRULY make the ULTIMATE RETURN to the art scene with some live painting and some wonderful,… Continue reading TOMORROW, It’s Goin’ DOWWNNNNE!* \(^o^)/