After Hours..., It Was Written...

Chanm Lensomni #1

"Did you miss me?" he asked in a hushed tone as he wrapped his arms around her from behind and nuzzled his nose into her hair. "Not as much as you hoped I would," she scoffed in reply. "Obviously you didn't miss me very much at all." "Hey now," he said, sounding genuinely taken aback.… Continue reading Chanm Lensomni #1



You are stuck in the reality of nightmares... But I prefer fantasy. You are sad, strange and deluded But I prefer fantasy. You are all science and methods and technical jargon But I prefer fantasy. I prefer... Fantasy. Magic spun quietly, Threaded between the stars Matching the interwoven spirals Of my DNA. I prefer fantasy,… Continue reading Fantasy

It Was Written...


I watch your body's movement Its language I'm so attuned to Your eyelashes lower suggestively And I get caught up inside... A sensation I can never seem to get used to The warmth of your gentle fingers Caressing me Graceful and full of meaning I become so overwhelmed with passion Seeking my Soul deep in… Continue reading 1

After Hours..., It Was Written...

Girl Talk

-- Girl, why do you keep chasin' after that man like a lost puppy who thinks it's found its owner? If he wanted you, he woulda at LEAST noticed you by now. -- Girlfriend, who do you think you foolin'? All those love letters you keep writing....and NEVER sending. *snickers* Lord KNOWS desperation wasn't a… Continue reading Girl Talk

It Was Written...

It Was Written (3)(H)

Dear You, I caught you staring at me before you realized that I realized that you were staring at me, so you quickly turned away a half second too late. Do you realize how much I want to love you back? Do you see that I'd rather be standing with you under the Sun? Tell… Continue reading It Was Written (3)(H)

It Was Written...

Two, Too, To

"You're trying too hard," she said. "You're trying way too hard." He hung his head low and stared down at his busy fingers: thumbs twiddling, fingers lacing and unlacing. An uncomfortable silence hung in the air. Finally, he glanced up at her and asked solemnly, "So what would you have me do?" She leaned forward, grabbed… Continue reading Two, Too, To


Great News!

Guess what, everyone? I'm FINALLY setting up my online store and offering my artwork for sale! Interested? Then stay tuned right here, inbox me on Facebook at or email me at for more details! Thank you so much to everyone for all the support you've been giving me so far!  LET'S DO THIS! :-D… Continue reading Great News!