After Hours..., It Was Written...

Chanm Lensomni #1

"Did you miss me?" he asked in a hushed tone as he wrapped his arms around her from behind and nuzzled his nose into her hair. "Not as much as you hoped I would," she scoffed in reply. "Obviously you didn't miss me very much at all." "Hey now," he said, sounding genuinely taken aback.… Continue reading Chanm Lensomni #1



  We ALL have these days. "Nope, I'm not for ANY of the bullshxt from ANYBODY. NOT TODAY." I just pulled an (unintentional) all-nighter playing around in Photoshop to create this piece. Just my way of letting off some steam and not letting negative Energies penetrate my world. (Hm, I should start doing digital art… Continue reading MOOD



You are stuck in the reality of nightmares... But I prefer fantasy. You are sad, strange and deluded But I prefer fantasy. You are all science and methods and technical jargon But I prefer fantasy. I prefer... Fantasy. Magic spun quietly, Threaded between the stars Matching the interwoven spirals Of my DNA. I prefer fantasy,… Continue reading Fantasy


Nu Year, Nu Message!

I just keep coming and going like the soft whispers of wind in the night, but that's because I've been so busy with all the projects I've got going on for myself, from working on SOUL Meets BODY to my own personal growth and development. I'm taking online courses, I'm deep in my art, deep in… Continue reading Nu Year, Nu Message!

After Hours..., Poetry

No Rules

Pain isolates and tears melt away   all the things you were told all the rules of life and living of fillings and feelings.   The only thing that matters as you cry throughout the night   is to know the one kindred spirit that remains with the coming of dawn.   © 2015 K.… Continue reading No Rules

After Hours..., Poetry


It's the love, the honesty, the tenderness... It's the heartache, the betrayal, the emptiness It's the fact that these all reside in the same space The same space Light and Dark Inside of me With me in the middle.   There could never be hate despite my pain And all I know is that love… Continue reading Dualance



PEACE, EVERYONE! I never got a chance to tell you but I'm going to be featured in my VERY FIRST OFFICIAL INTERVIEW! 😀 I'm going to be a guest on Rikki R. Jones​ radio show Hand and Footprints- What is Your Legacy!!! ❤ DATE: THIS SATURDAY, September 12th, 2015 TIME: 3 P.M. EST CALL-IN NUMBER: 347-826-9723… Continue reading ANNOUNCEMENT!



Why do you continue to feel so alone and lonely? Why do you continue to curse your existence? Why do you feel so low and ugly? Why, over other women, do you writhe in envy? In jealousy? Why do you discount your worth to nothing at all? Who convinced you to do this? Who told… Continue reading Questions

It Was Written...


I watch your body's movement Its language I'm so attuned to Your eyelashes lower suggestively And I get caught up inside... A sensation I can never seem to get used to The warmth of your gentle fingers Caressing me Graceful and full of meaning I become so overwhelmed with passion Seeking my Soul deep in… Continue reading 1

It Was Written...

A Summer Sunday

Nia thought that there couldn't possibly be any end to the enchantment of nature's glory under the sun. How very right she was. Feeling the sensation of fresh, warm emerald green grass underneath her bare feet as she skipped through the field made her giggle like a little child, feeling even more alive. Her caramel… Continue reading A Summer Sunday