A Truth




Why do you continue to feel so alone and lonely?
Why do you continue to curse your existence?
Why do you feel so low and ugly?
Why, over other women, do you writhe in envy?
In jealousy?
Why do you discount your worth to nothing at all?
Who convinced you to do this?
Who told you all these negatives were true?
Who cut you so deeply
that years later you’re still bleeding?
What has a grip on your Soul so tight
that you think the Light within can no longer shine through?
What is this heartache?
What is this pain?
What is this isolation?
What is this hopelessness?
What are these thoughts of ending it all?
What are these unnatural things
that have become your second nature?

What, my love, has happened to you?


© 2015 K. N. Dozier. All Rights Reserved.

After Hours..., It Was Written...

Girl Talk


— Girl, why do you keep chasin’ after that man like a lost puppy who thinks it’s found its owner? If he wanted you, he woulda at LEAST noticed you by now.

— Girlfriend, who do you think you foolin’? All those love letters you keep writing….and NEVER sending. *snickers* Lord KNOWS desperation wasn’t a trait He crafted in the First Man…OR Woman.

— Girl, you keep singin’ the same sad song while your tall, fine, Black knight just walks on by, tone deaf and icy.

— Girlfriend, did you forget? WOMEN can be thirsty too, and you’re lookin’ QUENCHED!

— Girl, um…are you LISTENIN’ to us? You got that silly look on your face again–you know, the one that tells us you AIN’T listenin’.

–Aw, come on, girlfriend. You KNOW we love you and we only got your best interests at heart. That means US telling YOU that HE is NOT interested in YOUR heart.

(they burst out into raucous cackles)

–Yeah, girl! We’re trying to SAVE you from yourself! You don’t need another embarrassment to add to your love life experience. Remember the LAST TIME???

–Girlfriend, look…somebody that fine probably already GOT somebody. Wake up!

–Girl, let’s forget about him. We’ve got some red wine and rocky road–let’s get it!

–Girlfriend, we DEFINITELY needed to have this talk. Now I feel so much better since we’ve talked you back into your senses. Pass me that bottle real quick….

–Girl, I’ll grab the bowls and spoons…!

But SHE never got the chance to utter a single word.

© 2015 K. N. Dozier. All Rights Reserved.