Art, It Was Written...

Artist’s Block #1

Art keeps calling me…beckoning me to fall between the sheets of sketchbook paper…rolling across the surface of a canvas bed, wanting me to soak the surface with passion and paint…but I can’t lie down here.

My heart is frozen in a state of fear and self-denial. I’m gazing out the window, chasing after things that are outside of myself and my natural element. Art calls regardless.

I can feel its phantom touch caress my Imagination, and wild images of us flash by in my Mind’s Eye…but for some reason it won’t translate in the physical.

How do I stop this? How do I change this? How do I allow myself to free-fall into the arms of my lover again?

Art. Loyalty like no other. How could I betray this figure who’s been there since the very beginning?

How do I ground myself in the comfort of creation again? It feels like I’ve lost touch…


Where do I go from here?




When are you going to
Get that pressure and pain
Up off your back?
Why do you insist that it be there?
When the Most High paves the way
And the Ancestors guide you,
Why do you choose to stray?
And when will you stop running from yourself
Running from your True, Highest Self
Only to run INTO yourself
and further hurt yourself?
You are so much MORE than that
So much more than FEAR
Your Destiny is unfolding before you yet So Sweet Child…
I ask…
When are you going to
Get that pressure and pain
Up off your back?
Take a deep breath, dive in,
and Set your Self FREE.


Just a small note-to-Self that turned into a poem. ❤

© 2017 K. N. Dozier. All rights reserved.



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Oh, Did I Forget to Mention–?

–that I’m a contributing blogger on my sister Tae Queen’s website as seen below? (Yes, that picture is a link to the site). ❤


Her website is all about Holistic Healing, Wellness, High Vibrations, Knowing Thy Self, etc. similar to what I wish to achieve here on my personal blog. 🙂

It’s a group of us working together on this website, which is the brainchild of Tae herself. There’s all KINDS of wonderful, fantastic, helpful information on this site. From yoga to holistic nutritional recipes, from medicinal herbs to African heritage and history articles, from music to health and beauty and FINALLY–to MY topic, which is Art & Culture. 🙂

I actually just posted a new blog entry a few minutes ago all about the dreaded ARTIST’S BLOCK and SOURCES of INSPIRATION. Check it out when you have a chance and tell me what you think:

😉 ❤


After Hours...

Just A Thought…

As I studied in the case of the Archangel Michael Jackson, that…his sales of records started to, according to the critics, “DECLINE” is NOT because of the QUALITY of his music, which never slipped a notch below perfect for him, but because of the shifting, changing, mutating, twisting, and diminishing tastes of the MASSES as far as music.

Therefore, I keep this in Mind for MYSELF as an Artist of sorts…my Art…will be received by the ones who are MEANT to do so.

And just because I may find myself standing before a crowd of people who just do NOT overstand…it doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with ME or the LACK OF QUALITY in my work. MICHAEL taught me this….