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Okay, so, as you already know, I am an Artist (or as I like to say HEARTist)! But what you may not know about me is how much I love FOOD! 😀 Another thing you definitely may not know about it me is that I love to COOK! Why do I mention cooking? Because as we all know, the preparation of food is an art form within itself–hence CULINARY ARTS!

Now, I’m no professional chef or anything and I don’t know many of the technical cooking terms, but I can tell you this–just like with my drawing, painting, creative writing, etc.–cooking is a fun experience where I learn more about myself. From the different properties of the foods I’m preparing (since I’m eating cleaner these days) to my own techniques, to the cooking process to what I like or dislike overall. I always like to go by feel, even when I sometimes follow a recipe I find online.

Creating dishes from scratch makes me feel so light, elated and free! Eating dishes prepared by your own loving hands and knowing EXACTLY what’s in the food really makes the nourishment of the body experience that much more meaningful. You can really tell the difference between eating out and eating in. 😉 Since I’ve been eating healthier (both for the benefit of myself and my loved ones), this contributes further to my happiness when I’m in the kitchen.

Of course, not ALL of my culinary creations go exactly as I hope they would but what I DID discover is that when I do the following things, it makes a big difference in how my dishes will turn out–and that’s DELICIOUS!

Energy  When I say “Energy” I mean this in two ways: One, it’s important to want to FEEL like preparing food (both raw AND cooked dishes). Trust me, there’s been MANY times when I’d go food shopping, come back and dance all around the kitchen as I neatly put things away and theeeeennn–I’ll cook an amazing meal the next day, then sporadically and then…well, the food ends up going bad because I don’t always feel like preparing food. So make sure you get all the right nutrients and Energy from the dishes you DO end up making, plus get your sleep so that you won’t feel so BLAH and reluctant when it comes to making meals. Two, it’s important to be aware of your FEELINGS/EMOTIONS when you prepare food. Yes, your mood, your Mindset and your intention DO in fact, influence how your food will taste and ultimately whoever eats it. You can tell when someone put LOVE and CARING into the preparation of his or her meal versus someone who decided to cook in a bad mood and threw things together in a pot. Ask me how I know. *side-eye*

Prep in ADVANCE Listen….did I mention that eating cleaner means longer prep periods? But one time I actually washed all of my green leafy veggies in advance, dried them off and store them safely in the refrigerator so that when it’s time for me to use them I don’t sit around waiting for them to soak in ACV & baking soda water. 😉

Go By FEEL I learned how to cook at a young age, but now sometimes it can be a little difficult since the things I learned how to cook were greasy, fatty and generally unhealthy. So basically it’s like I have to start over. But I have a good foundation and supportive people in my corner to help me avoid TOTALLY start from scratch in navigating these healthy foods in the kitchen. I just go with what I feel, and as I cook, I smell and sample my spices and dash them into my food and I taste the food as I prepare it, until it’s just where I like it to be then it’s served and gratefully devoured. 😉 (Ask my MAMA!) Just so you know, part of my going by feel, I don’t tend to measure my ingredients out, especially when I’m making things up. Going with the flow your Spirit is SO important in all things that do, including COOKING.

Last, but certainly not least–

HAVE FUN! What’s the point of making good food if you’re not even enjoying it. I guess this ties back into the importance of Energy. I’ve ruined many a dish by cooking with a less-than-dazzling attitude, and I’m telling you when I get moody–you can tell by the dark storm clouds forming in the sky right above my house. SO! Make sure you have plenty of fun! You just ought to! You get to EAT what you make! You can usually find me flitting all around the kitchen, dancing to music, humming to myself or quietly focusing on how DELICIOUS whatever I’m making is going to taste! 😉

Now I’d like to share a recipe with you! Again, I don’t measure things out that much, so…take a peek at the recipe below and feel free to tweak it to your taste buds!



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Butterflies Inside…

Cozy in my belly!
Cozy in my belly!

Welp, TONIGHT is the NIGHT! “COFFEE AFTER DARK!” But MAN…despite all the excitement and eagerness to return to the live painting scene…no lie…um….these beautiful blue morpho butterflies are STILL happy, cozy and comfortable in my stomach! They let me know how happy they are to be there by all the fluttering of their wings. SHEESH!

I’ve spent these last couple of weeks shifting my nervous, pessimistic, negative perspective over to a light-Hearted, blissful, POSITIVE perspective but DAMN! These butterflies just WON’T quit! Ha, ha! I’ve been spending some time alone, reflective and quiet…from reading, writing, and drawing to yoga at home and sunbathing/meditation/nap time in the park on the Westside in my favorite spot. Yes, overall, these things have been helpful (I’m STILL building up my consistency though. Ha.) but the sweet little butterflies….and that PANG I get straight in my Heart every time I’d THINK of the event….it’s crazy!

Well, last night, my King and I talked a little about my nerves….he just told me to STOP and BREATHE….inhale….exhale….yes…. You know, far too often we ALL do have the tendency to underestimate the POWER of the BREATH. But I’ll get into that later (Oh no! She’s starting THAT again! HA, HA, HA! 😀 ).  Anyway, he told me not to worry because it’s normal….and I suppose he’s right. Still, that doesn’t make this any more fun. WHEW!

The point is, I just want you all to WISH ME LUCK TONIGHT! I’m actually about to start getting ready in about ten minutes. I don’t have to be there until 6:30, but me being me, I want to give myself PLENTY of time to get ready, double-, triple-, and QUADRUPLE-check EVERYTHING I need to take with me (even though I repeatedly did that last night), AND give myself time to get there. Honestly, the place isn’t that far away. Germantown ins’t far from me….BUT I give room for SEPTA to play games by being late, early, or if buses are full they keep going past you, etc. Now, now! WAIT! I am NOT being neagtive. I’m being realistically CAUTIOUS. Ha, ha!

Ok, ok….it’s ALL GOOD. And for my Philly people, I hope I see you there tonight!

Off to get ready now! PEEAAACCCCEEEEEE!

❤ ❤ ❤

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TOMORROW, It’s Goin’ DOWWNNNNE!* \(^o^)/

TOMORROW, IT’S GOIN’ DOWWWNE!* Come on out to one of Philly’s HOTTEST OPEN MICS, “COFFEE AFTER DARK!” hosted by the one and only D. Lantz! On top of all the wonderful spoken word, music, food, people, and VIBES–witness YOURS TRULY make the ULTIMATE RETURN to the art scene with some live painting and some wonderful, ORIGINAL artwork for sale AND the chance to purchase your OWN copy of one of my EXCLUSIVE LIMITED PREMIERE PRINTS of my popular, highly-demanded piece “HEAR NOT.” (Don’t forget TEN prints of this young natural beauty! FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE!) ^_^ ❤

Oh yeah! In all my in-the-middle-of-the-night-HYPENESS, I TOTALLY forgot to upload the PICTURE of the PRINTS of my piece, “HEAR NOT!” Ha, ha, ha! Well, here it is NOW!

Don't forget! There are only TEN prints of this young natural beauty! Claim YOUR print tomorrow!
Don’t forget! There are only TEN prints of this young natural beauty! Claim YOUR print tomorrow!

We will be gettin’ it POPPIN’ over at The Lofts @ Kendrick Mills (6139 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA. That’s GERMANTOWN & PASTORIOUS) $10 Love Donation, $5 for performers. The show is from 7-10 p.m.! COME ON OUT and HAVE A GREAT TIME! ❤ ❤ ❤


*NOTE: To emphasize the word “DOWN,” I sometimes tend to spell it “DOWNNE.” Inspired by the beautiful Aaliyah Dana Haughton and HER ability to shut it DOWNNE. ❤


Sniffles AND Snow? NO PROBLEM!

My Way

I get my Energy from my Inner-G, I be in Outer Space but I got Inner Peace… –Lupe Fiasco, “I’m Beamin'”

…or NOT. See, this is the opening line from one of MANY songs I live by. Well at the moment, I’ve COMPLETELY done a dramatic avalanche landslide OFF and AWAY from both my Inner-G AND my Inner Peace. First, let’s start with this detox I’m supposed to be on right now. It’s called the 2014 Winter Renewal Detox. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Well, it IS. Or at least it WOULD be had I not fell off numerous times since I started on January 11th. Two of my Sisters put this entire detox together, Tae and Sherrice, and they’re both some AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, LOVING, TALENTED SISTAS! But I’ll tell you about my family later. XO

Anyway, I fell off of my detox and then yesterday, I woke up to a slightly irritated throat and a stuffy, runny nose! Seemingly from NOWHERE! But luckily I know better now. My body is simply reacting to and defending itself against the toxins that have built up in my body by way of the not-so-great foods I was eating for the past couple of weeks and a few other things.

I’ve come to learn that the illness referred to as “the common cold” is not that at all. In fact, there’s really no such thing as a “cold” in the way that we think. The runny, stuffy nose, congested chest, EXCESS MUCUS in general, is simply the body’s way of ridding itself of the toxins inside of it when it is unable to do so through regular digestion (urination and bowel movement) or sweating.

So anyway, I woke up “sicker than sick” so I’ve decided to just retreat into myself and regroup, recover and realign myself, which as I think I already told you, I NEED to do so anyway. This “cold,” which I’ll refer to as “body’s automatic detox reaction” (or BADR) is even MORE reason to hop on it!

Today though, I woke up bright and early because I went to sleep early last night (that almost NEVER happens anymore). I was still just as stuffy and sniffling as I was yesterday, but today I woke up with a PURPOSE.


And NO, I do NOT mean “OMIGAHHD! Like, let’s totally go shopping and buy out ALL the malls, YAAAAAAAY!” No. (-_-) I mean shopping for things I need at home. One main thing is FOOD!

See, when it comes to making shopping lists, categorizing and organizing them–I’m FINE! But when it comes to finding deals, low prices, sales, etc., I am a FLYING, HOT MESS!!! (>.<)


This is true especially because I’m transitioning my lifestyle into my Original African Holism, and a major part of that is HEALTH and NUTRITION. The story of this, and so many OTHER things I’ve told you about, will be written in detail in another entry. (HOW many times have I said this so far? HA, HA, HA, HAAAAA! It’s just that I have SO MUCH to share with y’all! xoxo)

Anyway, in the process of transitioning and improving MY lifestyle, I have every intention of bringing my people WITH ME, if they’ll have me. Starting at home, with my mother. Yes, that’s yet ANOTHER tale to be told, but let’s just say for now that our tastebuds aren’t quite the same anymore. I’m a few steps ahead of her, so certain foods I’ve come to ADORE (like raw, live foods, bean soups, etc), my mom looks at me like–(o_O) …… (-_-)

So yeah. There’s a LOT of work to be done for the BOTH of us.

So back to my issues with food shopping. I LOVE to play around and experiment in the kitchen, but the few dishes I make now are getting old, so I need to mix things up! Hence, my current journey of recipes! Quite a few people put me on with some recipes that both me AND my mother can enjoy. Tae and Sherrice, for one, my Big Sis Mel, a few other homies of mine, and I’ve started looking in to recipes on my own too.

I’m also being helped with the food shopping process. Don’t go thinking I’m some kind of Unable Kitchen Virgin–I’M NOT! Ha, ha! Only when it comes to this new lifestyle (which, isn’t new at ALL, but…yeah) with the certain foods, herbs, spices, etc…that are NOT always the easiest to find. ESPECIALLY 100% NATURAL and ORGANIC. Personally, I have issues with BOTH of those terms being thrown around today but….come on, say it with me–save that for ANOTHER ENTRY. 😉

The point is, I woke up pretty peacefully despite the BADR, and I looked outside to see it was SNOWING. Usually I do NOT do snow during its first fall, but hey, today I’m on a MISSION, so to speak. And anyway…this snow is soft, delicate and beautiful…and because I got such an early start, I got to go outside and enjoy the silence of the streets around my way. It was just me, the snow, a quietly passing car every now and then, and my thoughts.

What a nice way to start the day. I’m taking my Sweet Time, going out to buy all the things I need then go back home and lay low for the rest of the day.
Sounds like a plan to me!