Inner-Stirrings of the Soul

My body is YEARNING for movement. Limbs so long, always cramped up In tight spaces From being in too-small places No one could ever understand the pain In all my years of hiding in shame From the teasing and torment... spiraling down in a mutation to SELF-LOATHING... And spending many years climbing back up Many… Continue reading Inner-Stirrings of the Soul



I am so PLEASED to officially announce the major project that my beloved King has been working on! Writer, poet/spoken word artist, motivational speaker, avid reader, wordsmith, and among many other amazing talents--LOVE OF MY LIFE--Stanley Mombrun is working towards publishing his very FIRST BOOK! Here, Stanley offers words of TRUTH that the world needs… Continue reading SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!



And we...are...LIVE!  😀 ❤ ❤ ❤ HELLO-HELLO, WORLD! I am PLEASED to announce the LAUNCH of my BRAND-NEW ONLINE SHOP! It's finally here! Literally OVERNIGHT! Ha, ha! It feels so good to START ANU! Get a taste of the NEW LOOK, the NEW FEEL, and most importantly--the NEW PRODUCTS! Ase!!! Click "Zee Art Shop!" at… Continue reading I HAVE ARRIVED!



PEACE, EVERYONE! I never got a chance to tell you but I'm going to be featured in my VERY FIRST OFFICIAL INTERVIEW! 😀 I'm going to be a guest on Rikki R. Jones​ radio show Hand and Footprints- What is Your Legacy!!! ❤ DATE: THIS SATURDAY, September 12th, 2015 TIME: 3 P.M. EST CALL-IN NUMBER: 347-826-9723… Continue reading ANNOUNCEMENT!



She said she wanted to Dive Deep, So he took her DEEPER Past the limits she created against herself Past the default faults of her essence Simply because what she saw was only A skewed version of her True Essence So he took her hand... And they DOVE. She said she wanted to Dive Deep...… Continue reading Destination

After Hours...

A New Direction

I'm just sitting here in my room at 1:31 a.m. in semi-darkness listening to the haunting voice of my Angel Love, Aaliyah  and I'm just thinking. Once again, after all that's been going on with me (I've been SO busy brainstorming, building, moving, growing, living, twirling, creating, and just simply BEING) I've decided to take a… Continue reading A New Direction

After Hours...

Late-Night Ramblings

Midnight...here we go. To all my lovely readers out there, I bet you're wondering, "Where on EARTH did this woman just come from writing post after random post...out of NOWHERE?" One minute I'm here, the next minute I VANISH into the shadows of the night. And when I vanish, it's usually for a long while where… Continue reading Late-Night Ramblings


Oh, Did I Forget to Mention–?

--that I'm a contributing blogger on my sister Tae Queen's website as seen below? (Yes, that picture is a link to the site). <3Her website is all about Holistic Healing, Wellness, High Vibrations, Knowing Thy Self, etc. similar to what I wish to achieve here on my personal blog. :-)It's a group of us working… Continue reading Oh, Did I Forget to Mention–?