Inner-Stirrings of the Soul

My body is YEARNING for movement.
Limbs so long, always cramped up
In tight spaces
From being in too-small places
No one could ever understand the pain
In all my years of hiding in shame
From the teasing and torment…
spiraling down in a mutation to SELF-LOATHING…
And spending many years climbing back up
Many MORE years remembering that I have wings..
The truth of the matter is…
I just want to DANCE.

© 2017 K. N. Dozier. All rights reserved.




I am so PLEASED to officially announce the major project that my beloved King has been working on!

Writer, poet/spoken word artist, motivational speaker, avid reader, wordsmith, and among many other amazing talents–LOVE OF MY LIFE–Stanley Mombrun is working towards publishing his very FIRST BOOK!

Here, Stanley offers words of TRUTH that the world needs hear, especially AFRICAN people worldwide AND empowerment for the most envied, sought-after, imitated but downtrodden people in the history of Planet Earth–US. We, those of African descent.


To learn more about this important project and to support, please check out Stanley’s Indiegogo page!

There are a lot of amazing things in the works that I got to be quiet about for now but…stay tuned! You’re gonna enjoy this ride!




And we…are…LIVE!  😀 ❤ ❤ ❤


I am PLEASED to announce the LAUNCH of my BRAND-NEW ONLINE SHOP! It’s finally here! Literally OVERNIGHT! Ha, ha!

It feels so good to START ANU! Get a taste of the NEW LOOK, the NEW FEEL, and most importantly–the NEW PRODUCTS! Ase!!! Click “Zee Art Shop!” at the top of the blog and click on the banner to access the site! 😉

In OTHER news–I ACED my interview! Yes, hundreds of butterflies decided to move into my stomach rent-free at the last minute (FIVE minutes before show time), BUT it was all good! The host, Ms. Rikki R. Jones made me feel so cozy and at home on her show and I want to thank her SO much for having me on her show! ❤

Yo…I am SO HAPPY, PROUD, THANKFUL and GRATEFUL for this opportunity! I’ll cherish this in my Heart forever!

And thank you so much for everyone who called in and listened and asked questions. I appreciate all the support and here is my contact info for those who want to connect with me!

Online Store: http://www.soulmbody.com
Facebook: SOUL Meets BODY
Twitter, Instagram: @SOULarLioness
Tumblr: http://www.soularlioness.tumblr.com

If you missed out my this exclusive first official interview–then it sucks to be YOU! HA, HA, HA!! :-p Sike naw. You can listen to the OFFICIAL PLAYBACK in the archives! This interview was recorded and now it’s available right here for all times! Just click on the link below to listen. ENJOY!




PEACE, EVERYONE! I never got a chance to tell you but I’m going to be featured in my VERY FIRST OFFICIAL INTERVIEW! 😀

I’m going to be a guest on Rikki R. Jones​ radio show Hand and Footprints- What is Your Legacy!!! ❤


DATE: THIS SATURDAY, September 12th, 2015
CALL-IN NUMBER: 347-826-9723


​ YAAAAAY! I hope you all listen in! 😉

❤ ❤ ❤




She said she wanted to Dive Deep,
So he took her DEEPER
Past the limits she created against herself
Past the default faults of her essence
Simply because what she saw was only
A skewed version of her True Essence
So he took her hand…
And they DOVE.

She said she wanted to Dive Deep…
So he took her DEEPER…
Past the realities they were both fed from conception
Past the dreams they were told could never be
Past the falsehoods they saw through from the start
Once they started to see…

In a new direction…
He helped her on her way…

Things fell apart, broken down to the Basic Essence…
Shapes, symbols, sensations
Colors, texture, endless contexts…
She dove deep
He took her DEEPER.
They broke the surface on the Other Side
Deep inside.

The Lovers,
They became, to their relief


© 2015 K. N. Dozier. All Rights Reserved.

After Hours...

A New Direction

I’m just sitting here in my room at 1:31 a.m. in semi-darkness listening to the haunting voice of my Angel Love, Aaliyah  and I’m just thinking.

Once again, after all that’s been going on with me (I’ve been SO busy brainstorming, building, moving, growing, living, twirling, creating, and just simply BEING) I’ve decided to take a new direction with my online presence. In order to keep my websites/profiles better organized and for me to feel less scattered, spread too thin or too far like I’m trying to do TOO MUCH, I’m going to assign specific areas of my artistic endeavors (ALL still for SOUL Meets BODY™ of course!) to each website. That means there’s going to be quite a bit of reconstructing–whew!


Starting here and now, keeping it short, sweet and to the point, this is what it’s go:


  • WordPress – All of my creative writings (poetry, short stories, random tidbits and some journal-like entries) ❤
  • Tumblr – Here will be my new-but-old-but-still-new pursuit of PHOTOGRAPHY! Mainly visual; mostly reblogs of things I like; a sometime-extension of my Instagram posts
  • Facebook – The same going-ons of me and SOUL Meets BODY™, including new art plus some W.I.P. shots, interesting articles from other sources I may share from time to time and staying connected with everyone on the “business” side of things. 😉
  • Instagram – Just me being me on a day-to-day basis (pictures, videos, random tidbits, etc).  focusing mostly on ALL the forms of art in my life. 🙂

That’s that.

And so it begins.

Again. 😛

After Hours...

Late-Night Ramblings

Midnight…here we go.

To all my lovely readers out there, I bet you’re wondering, “Where on EARTH did this woman just come from writing post after random post…out of NOWHERE?”

One minute I’m here, the next minute I VANISH into the shadows of the night. And when I vanish, it’s usually for a long while where I don’t post at all, but little does anyone know, I’m silently lurking through WordPress (and now StumbleUpon) discovering new sources of inspiration. New ways of looking at things, things that confirm what I already hold dearly inside of my Spirit. You know, things like THAT. And sometimes…I really AM offline.

Then out of the blue, I write these things. These random, “unconnected” things.

But WHY?

I could just be blunt and say, “Because I CAN,” (which is true), but the answer I’ll give is, “I don’t know.”

OK, that’s the short, safe and uncertain answer. Honestly, like I said, I’ve been feeling SOOOO inspired lately, by things I’ve been reading, studying, StumblingUpon, my own thoughts, messages from my Angels and Ancestors, music….I pull inspiration from almost EVERYWHERE.

Well, for the past year, I’ve been focusing my energy into my visual arts and even though I pretty much write everyday, it wasn’t CREATIVE WRITING. So basically, that part of my writing ability somewhat atrophied. Ah, well. It’s time to get it back, that’s all.

Let me just make a couple of things clear:

1) I have this strange, new fascination with Asides here. ❤

2) There’s no further explanation I can or will give. You just have to FLOW with this. 😉

In the midst of all this, I’ve been getting new ideas left, right and center in relation to my Arts (writing, drawing, painting, designing, etc.) and this blog! Ooo! When I pull everything together just the way I like it and make some decisions, I’ll DEFINITELY let you in on it. Why should I leave y’all out in the cold? 😉 ❤

Ok, enough rambling!


Oh, Did I Forget to Mention–?

–that I’m a contributing blogger on my sister Tae Queen’s website as seen below? (Yes, that picture is a link to the site). ❤


Her website is all about Holistic Healing, Wellness, High Vibrations, Knowing Thy Self, etc. similar to what I wish to achieve here on my personal blog. 🙂

It’s a group of us working together on this website, which is the brainchild of Tae herself. There’s all KINDS of wonderful, fantastic, helpful information on this site. From yoga to holistic nutritional recipes, from medicinal herbs to African heritage and history articles, from music to health and beauty and FINALLY–to MY topic, which is Art & Culture. 🙂

I actually just posted a new blog entry a few minutes ago all about the dreaded ARTIST’S BLOCK and SOURCES of INSPIRATION. Check it out when you have a chance and tell me what you think:


😉 ❤