It Was Written...

Where’d You Go?

"Oh baby, where'd you go? I need you here with me..." Lying awake in this bed once again, I'm so lonely without you. These visions I have in my head just won't fade and I don't know what to do. At the risk of sounding like a sad 90s R&B song, I can't help but… Continue reading Where’d You Go?


Habari Gani?

Habari Gani? Or "What's the news?" Today is the FIRST DAY OF KWANZAA, which is UMOJA or "Unity." To celebrate, I'll be sharing a new drawing for each day of Kwanzaa, which is SEVEN DAYS long, from December 26th until January 1st. ❤ Here's the first one! To see the rest, check it out on my… Continue reading Habari Gani?

After Hours..., It Was Written...

“Like,1 or 2…”

I'm feeling beautiful, repulsive, lonely and romantic. Talk to me. Lay with me. Watch me watching you watch me as I sigh quietly and force myself not to look away. Light a candle and try to make it last forever; dance with the shadows on the walls; part those lovely luscious African lips of yours… Continue reading “Like,1 or 2…”

After Hours..., It Was Written...

--It's getting late. Don't you think we ought to leave? -- --Li? --Yeah? --Did you hear me? We really ought to go. --Hmph. Is that so? And where are we gonna go next? --Well, I'm going to take you home. There's no need for you to be out here at this hour by yourself in… Continue reading

After Hours..., It Was Written...


Once I catch a glimpse of your eyes, I realize that I can fathom the well of dreams hidden there. Hidden in plain sight, but in danger of going unnoticed, I already know that you prefer it that way. Suppressed dreams that shouldn't be there in the first place, or so we've constantly been told. That's why I've… Continue reading Windows

After Hours..., It Was Written...

What’s in a Name? {Prelude}

This right here is an aside. Here is what it looks like. Take heed and consider going to sleep. Even if you don't, the Sun will still rise on a brand new day. Say "Hello, beautiful. It's been a long time. I've missed you. You're such a sight to see. I don't know how I… Continue reading What’s in a Name? {Prelude}


ZED’s Artisan Craft Fair: RECAP!

Ok! So JUST like I promised, I'm going to tell you all about the event on Saturday! Unfortunately, I didn't quite get pictures the way I wanted to because I was off being a BUSY, BUZZING, NERVOUS BEE (I'll explain), but SO MUCH has happened! For starters, I had to borrow two somewhat small tables from the… Continue reading ZED’s Artisan Craft Fair: RECAP!

After Hours..., Art

The Night Owl…

Here I am, up late again (like I have been lately)...but at least it's the weekend.  So allow me to ramble for a little bit. 😉 Welp, the event I told you about in the previous entry is only FIVE days away, and as excited as I am, I can tell you this RIGHT NOW--BUTTERFLIES… Continue reading The Night Owl…

After Hours...


YES, it's past two o'clock in the morning and YES I'm supposed to be sleep, travelling through Dimensions and Planes of Existence right now, but you know what? It JUST hit me to come and tell you this real quick-- I simply do NOT feel right about proceeding with my blog entries until I really… Continue reading “No, But SERIOUSLY…”