After Hours...

Behind Closed Doors… (☿℞)

Sometimes in life, you just have to close the door and leave all the MADNESS of the world OUTSIDE. That's the case with me right now. As you may or may not know, we are currently going through another Mercury Retrograde cycle that started on the 21st, so therefore things seem to be slowing down, going… Continue reading Behind Closed Doors… (☿℞)

After Hours..., Art

What’s in a Name?

Pardon my previous post. I was on my way to write THIS post, but while I was deciding in what format to post this entry, I was drawn to "Aside." I'm still not quite sure what an Aside IS in terms of WordPress, but I'm sure it can't be any different from what the word… Continue reading What’s in a Name?

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Butterflies Inside…

Welp, TONIGHT is the NIGHT! "COFFEE AFTER DARK!" But MAN...despite all the excitement and eagerness to return to the live painting beautiful blue morpho butterflies are STILL happy, cozy and comfortable in my stomach! They let me know how happy they are to be there by all the fluttering of their wings. SHEESH!… Continue reading Butterflies Inside…

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TOMORROW, It’s Goin’ DOWWNNNNE!* \(^o^)/

TOMORROW, IT'S GOIN' DOWWWNE!* Come on out to one of Philly's HOTTEST OPEN MICS, "COFFEE AFTER DARK!" hosted by the one and only D. Lantz! On top of all the wonderful spoken word, music, food, people, and VIBES--witness YOURS TRULY make the ULTIMATE RETURN to the art scene with some live painting and some wonderful,… Continue reading TOMORROW, It’s Goin’ DOWWNNNNE!* \(^o^)/

After Hours..., Art

The Night Owl…

Here I am, up late again (like I have been lately)...but at least it's the weekend.  So allow me to ramble for a little bit. 😉 Welp, the event I told you about in the previous entry is only FIVE days away, and as excited as I am, I can tell you this RIGHT NOW--BUTTERFLIES… Continue reading The Night Owl…

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Peace, Family! NOW it's time for the great news I've been dying to share! The moment of suspense is over! Ha, ha! On THURSDAY, JUNE 26th, 2014--I will be making the ULTIMATE COMEBACK on the art scene through LIVE PAINTING! It feels SO GOOD to be returning to this part of my Creative Outlets! I… Continue reading SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT