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What’s in a Name?

Pardon my previous post. I was on my way to write THIS post, but while I was deciding in what format to post this entry, I was drawn to “Aside.” I’m still not quite sure what an Aside IS in terms of WordPress, but I’m sure it can’t be any different from what the word actually MEANS. Side commentary, a passing mention, something potentially useful to whoever may receive it all the same.


I wanted to see what an Aside looks like again because I had forgotten, so I just started typing whatever came to Mind. You know, just enough text so I could get the point of the format…and what you see in that previous post is the end result. Of course, as it turns out, as Aside looks just like all the REST of my entries using this current theme I have (Sketch Theme), so that’s that. But of course, I do kind of like that “test text” I wrote. I like the feel of it…maybe it doesn’t mean much to anyone on the outside looking in because I’M the one who sees and feels this as I typed away, without even thinking about it. I’m sure if I wanted to, I could take it, clean it up, add more, play around with it and transform it into either something new, something better, or something worse. Eh.

Well, anyway, this is the REAL post I wanted to write:

I feel like there is a STRONG chance that as I continue on my Path to my Life’s Purpose through the Arts, I may or may not confuse people with my NAME. It seems like I have MULTIPLE NAMES floating around on the Internet, depending on which platform one is viewing. Okay. Let me just END the confusion right here, right NOW…at 4 o’clock in the morning. 😉

Over the years, I’ve had Artist names come and go…but all you need to concern yourself with is THIS:

  • My name is Kiema Norris-Dozier. This is my birth name, given to me by my parents. You with me so far? GOOD. 😉
  • Because of the above, you may most likely see writings of mine or watermarks on my artwork that says K. N. Dozier. I ASSURE you, it’s still ME. I was inspired to start signing my name off that way YEARS ago by J. K. Rowling. Yes, it was THAT serious. :-p ❤
  • If you’re from Philly (especially the arts and poetry scene) or if you’re my friend on Facebook, you may know me as Way LaMatriz. There’s been a little confusion about this name of mine. “Way” is my ARTIST name ONLY. “WAY,” not “Way LaMatriz.” See, what had happened was (yes, it’s one of those kind of stories)…a long time ago, back when Facebook let you change your name as many times as you wanted, and I had finally settled for “Way” (which was back then only to be my STAGE NAME at open mics), I was PISSED when I found out Facebook REQUIRED you to have a last name. So, I wanted my name to be “Way Matrix” but ONLY for Facebook. Of course, Facebook had to be irksome and NOT allow me to use “Matrix” as my last name. So I, not one to be defeated, simply put “Matrix” in SPANISH (the language I’d been all wrapped up in love with at the time), “LaMatriz.” With that being said, “I WIN.” Right? 😉 Well, as time went on and I was still performing and meeting new people, it came to a point where I was simply being introduced to others by my STAGE NAME. So this stage name, “Way,” slowly morphed into my overall ARTIST name. So in ALL the various mediums of my artwork…I will sign my work and perform as…WAY.
  • SOULar Lioness is my Artist “AKA” name, in the same way Mos Def is also known as Yasiin Bey or how Billie Holiday was also known as Lady Day. Yes. It’s the EXACT SAME THING. This name with birthed not long after–
  • SOUL Meets BODY! Now, SOUL Meets BODY is not MY NAME. It’s the name of my BUSINESS. It’s the name of my BRAND. It was given to me by the Most High during my Vow of Silence last year, and I’ve claimed it gratefully as my own in conjunction to fulfilling my Righteous and Divine Life’s Purpose. ❤ ❤ ❤

Ok. That’s about it. I’ve been DYING to write something like this for the longest. Ha, ha! Now that I have…it’s 4:30 in the morning. The fact that I really sat and TYPED all this about names….well, I really SHOULD be getting to sleep now, huh? :-p ❤


Nighty-night (and good morning!) ❤



Why you wanna trip on me?
(Why? Why? Why? Whyyy?)
Why you wanna trip on me…?
~Michael Jackson

Monday, I decided that I’ve finally had enough. There’s entirely TOO MUCH going on in the world right now. No wait. I mean, there’s entirely TOO MUCH going on in the CYBER world right now. That goes for T.V., social media, mainstream media, independent media, etc. And because so much is going on in the cyber world, it ALWAYS manages to leak a little into MY world by way of family, friends, etc. sharing the same bullshit that I’m trying to shut out.

I don’t mean any of this in a cowardly way. I don’t mean any of this in a weak way filled with sighs, excuses or running away. What I mean is, Monday, I decided that I’ve finally had enough. See, I already had a pretty turbulent weekend….one which I won’t even go into detail about, but there are certain things that occured that’s been wearing on my Spirit. Until an hour or so ago when I talked it all out with my Baba Ogun, that is. I’m fine now on that note.
But anyway, DISTRACTIONS. On Facebook and Instagram, I declared to the world a nice, resounding–


I said: “Latest Distractions: “Hold it down, P.O.P.”/”Barely” memes, Bill Cosby allegations, Hollywood’s whitewashed representation of OBVIOUSLY African civilizations, the whitewashed AMAs and all other award shows, Beyonce’s 7/11 video, and the Ferguson trial ruling. Y’all keep falling RIGHT into these Media Mind Traps OVER AND OVER AND OVER again! Y’all trippin’…. *instant transmission to Someplace Else*”

And THAT’s the TRUTH! Well….I didn’t QUITE get to do an Instant Transmission….but what I considered to be close enough was to deactivate my Facebook, log out of my Instagram and all the other social sites, turn my cell phone off, take the case off, take the battery out, and throw all of this into my dresser drawer until further notice. I just needed to cut it ALL OFF! I was feeling distraught–physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually drained. I just needed to tune the whole world out and get MYSELF back on track. I needed to realign. Recalibrate, if you will. And it’s been going WONDERFULLY.

So of course, I love music and I can’t really do without it, so that’s the ONLY reason I put my phone back together and turned it back on. I need my Spotify like the air I breathe. My MUSIC keeps me sane, when my own thoughts have done quite enough on their own for some time.

Anyway, with my music on and the world off, I traveled through my own Mind, and got submerged into MYSELF COMPLETELY. I’ve been reading, writing, studying, planning, dreaming, writing some more. I even found some files on my laptop that I transferred over from my old one. Not long ago tonight, I saw a short story of I mine I wrote for my Fiction Writing class back when I was going to CCP. I actually just got finished reading it and editing it a bit. I REALLY oughta do something with this story, too. I’d like to get it published so you can see it one day. ❤

Well, the point I’m trying to make is, in freeing myself from the madness of the cyber world and the world in general, I’ve been having SO MUCH FUN restoring myself, rediscovering pieces of myself through old journal entries, or freewritten thoughts in notebooks, or EVEN old stories and plots from years ago. Rather than have social media, I turned to StumbleUpon, which, actually the only reason why I went Stumblin’ is because while I was cleaning up my emails I found an email from StumbleUpon with some suggested Stumbles…and I swear, they know me so well. This is ANOTHER way I’ve been keeping myself content, focused and inspired.

I just needed to get away.

And based on all the things I’ve been reading (ALL different sources on many different topics connected by the fact that they all have something to do with what I wish I accomplish in life), they have all aligned as signs and messages that I’m right in doing what I’m doing.

I don’t know why I’m telling you all this. I could have just as easily vanished off the face of the Internet and choose not to have anything to do with ANY of it anymore and just live happily ever after reading, writing, drawing, painting and cooking wherever I choose to go.

But something just told me, “Hey, write a blog entry.”

So, here you go. ❤


If YOU stop trippin’,

THEY’LL stop trippin’,

Everybody just STOP TRIPPIN’!

~Michael Jackson


…But Are You Happy?

As Artists (or as I like to say, HEARTists), we are all DEEPLY involved with ourselves and our crafts–be it poetry, singing, dancing, acting, playing musical instruments, painting, photography, etc. It seems like many artists tend to start off at a young age, but in other cases artists can find their medium of passion at a later age. But no matter WHEN the spark ignites, it’s just a FACT that we’re ALL pretty damn “sensitive about our shit,” to lovingly recall the famous statement by one Ms. Erykah Badu.

I know for ME, I have ALWAYS loved to create. You already know my artistry story from previous entries. But one thing I never really talked about is the NEGATIVE side of my love of creating. Yeah, I grew up always loving to draw and write. If I wanted to do it, I did it. Such was the childhood innocence of having no fear or limitations on my own Imagination.

But then I grew up; and as I grew up, I began to venture for sources of inspiration OUTSIDE of only myself and my childhood interests. I began to look at the work of OTHER artists. At first it started out as sweet, innocent, new inspiration…but THEN…after time passed…my Mind began to warp and play tricks on me and SOON I was COMPARING myself to these other artists!

Why can’t I draw like HER?

Why doesn’t my art look like THIS?

How come I can’t execute this technique like HIM?

Wow…his art looks better than mine….

Wow…she has better art supplies than ME…

My artwork is crap…I can’t draw.

I’ll never be as good as XYZ….

And I’ve been struggling with that downward spiral EVER SINCE. Even NOW. What I CAN say is, on the plus side, thoughts like the ones above come less and less frequently, now that I’m out of my awkward, hurting teenage years and I’ve been HEALING and coming into my own as my True, Authentic Self. ALL LEVELS. This includes my artistry and where I am in it.

Now, my current challenge is to NOT allow the fact that I am building a CAREER out of a life-long love and passion turn into my very own PRISON. The stressing about what you can or can’t do in comparison to SOMEONE ELSE. The worrying about what other people do, say or think of you and what you create. Trying to think of things to create that you think OTHERS would like, not even putting YOURSELF first anymore. And PLEASE…PLEEEAASSSE don’t get me started on when MONEY gets into the mix. 😦

It’s like you’ve allowed the world to steal your joy. You can create, become rich and famous (or not), but still get caught up in the madness of the world, but you can’t stop NOW….so all there’d be left to do is to ask yourself, “Yes, I’m creating art. Yes, I’m getting the world’s attention and feedback. Yes, I’m getting all the things I’ve ever dreamed…but am I HAPPY?”

What I mean is…I must ALWAYS remember my values both as an Artist AND as young African woman overall. I must CONQUER and completely DEFEAT my fears, because BELIEVE ME…they’re still there. I told you from the very opening of this blog site, I am NOT coming to you as someone who has ALREADY triumphed over ALL obstacles. I want you to be with me AS I PROGRESS on this Path of mine, and as you do the same on yours. ❤

All these wonderful things have most definitely been coming my way, and I’m so thankful and grateful for them all, but that doesn’t mean that things don’t get a bit rocky at times.

With that being said, I would like to bring your attention to an article that was written just this past Friday by Talib Kweli. He wrote an article titled, “In Defense Of Ms. Hill,” and all I have to say is, this article was RIGHT ON TIME in so many ways. In addition to the fact that I appreciate how there’s SOMEONE out there SOMEWHERE who’s actually defending the honor of one of music’s most gifted artists, what I REALLY appreciated was the words of wisdom that can be applied to ANY artist, famous or not.

The artist is a human being, not a product…the artist is not forever in your debt because you may have purchased a product from them at some point.

That’s just a quote from the very BEGINNING of the article. The points I’ve been making stem from an ARTIST being the cause of their own detriment to certain extent, but this ARTICLE Talib wrote emphasizes on the WORLD being the cause for the Artist’s detriment. The selfish demands and blatant disrespect of the Artist…simply for expressing what HE or SHE wants to express in relation to his or her own craft rather than respond to the DEMANDS and COMMANDS of the world.

This was such a refreshing read, I’m going to print a copy of this article out for myself and hang it up on my bedroom wall. It’s THAT real for me. This article literally SAVED me from MYSELF. I encourage you to read this excellent article, which you can find right here.

ENJOY! Peace.





ZED’s Artisan Craft Fair: RECAP!

Ok! So JUST like I promised, I’m going to tell you all about the event on Saturday! Unfortunately, I didn’t quite get pictures the way I wanted to because I was off being a BUSY, BUZZING, NERVOUS BEE (I’ll explain), but SO MUCH has happened!

For starters, I had to borrow two somewhat small tables from the owner of the shop, Pamela–but guess what? WE MADE IT WORK! No lie, at first, I was a NERVOUS WRECK. Just the thought of sitting there outside all day smiling at strangers passing by me, hoping SOMEONE would stop and look at my artwork, or even BUY something! (I was selling some of my original artwork and face-painting). I started off with fear-based thoughts, “What if nobody even likes my art? What if no one BUYS anything? My art isn’t all that impressive! I’m out here looking FOOLISH! NO, NO, NOOOOOO!!” 😥

NO WORRIES, THOUGH! My ride on that particular Train of Thought didn’t last very long–I made SURE of that! I quickly cast the fears out and changed my point of view of the entire situation! I looked at it as a LEARNING experience instead and opened myself up in that way. I’m still brand-new to vending, so for the most part, I took time to pay attention to what other vendors were doing (their setup, their equipment, their mannerisms, how they interacted with potential customers, actual customers, etc.) and took notes in my small notebook, including a list of all the things that I’ll need to invest in as I get further into this VENDING WORLD!

Once I changed my perspective to one of an avid student learning new things (which is what I am ANYWAY), my nerves pretty much calmed down. As a result, SO MANY DOORS have been opened for me too! Throughout the day, some interesting people DID stop by my table, marveled at my artwork, and we spoke. I even exchanged information with some of them. Out of all these wonderful people who I spoke to, FOUR DIFFERENT PEOPLE came up to me with even MORE vending opportunities at THEIR different events and affairs! C-C-Can the CHUTCH say–??? I’ll tell you more about THAT later on as they draw closer and I’m actually SURE that I’ll be attending these events–I can’t give ALL the good stuff away NOW! 😀 ❤

I was in good company all day though! I was vending next to a kind woman named Dee, and SHE was vending her one-of-a-kind hand-crafted bags! From totes to tablet/laptop bags, to purses–her bags were FLYY (yup with TWO Y’s)! We talked all day and she even bought us some ice cream! (It was HOT as EVER outside with the Sun beaming down on us all Still…I gotta love my ruling planet though. ❤ ) I saw a few of my friends who knew I was vending and decided to stop by to see how I was doing. 🙂

I ended up selling THREE pieces! 😀 How exciting! And so…with that money I made, I bought myself these BIG, BEAUTIFUL silver earrings that’s in the shape of the Adinkra symbol, Gye Nyame, which means “except for God (I fear no one).

The event was from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. When it was close to the end of the event, all the vendors started to pack up, I did the same. Even though I didn’t do any face painting, like I said, I talked to a LOT of interesting folks, gave out almost ALL of my business cards, received plenty of contact information of others along with their events, etc.

So, the event ended, I went to Atiya Ola’s for a bite to eat and I spent the rest of the day with my King… 🙂 ❤

It was a wonderful, educational, uplifting experience overall, and again–I’ll keep you posted on what develops from these new connections that I’ve made.

With that being said–PEACE!

GOOD NIGHT! xoxoxo

🙂 ❤



Where I’ve Been, What I’m Doing…


It’s been a short while since I’ve given you any updates as to exactly what I’ve been up to so I’ll tell you real quick what’s been up.

Well, for ONE, I celebrated my birthday (July 31st) and I’ve basically been in Birthday Mode ever since! HA, HA! 😀 I’ve been treating myself and being treated, writing in my journal, still drawing and creating, and reflecting on the short set of summer classes I took at an art school in South Philly. ❤

I’ve also been making MAJOR moves as far as my networking and artwork are concerned. (More on that coming SOON! You’ll see. Stay tuned! ❤ ) It’s like…NOW that I’m RECOMMITTED to myself (because like I said before, I’ve had my little backsliding days) to my 100% HEALING AND WELLNESS and STRENGTHENING my overall relationship with the Most High and my Ancestors…I SWEAR, things have been MOVING for me! Things are manifesting ALL OVER THE PLACE!

It’s FANTASTIC! I mean, yes, there are still a few things that popped up that I didn’t find to be very pleasant–*cough, cough–STUDENT LOAN DEBT COLLECTORS–cough, cough* but guess what? I can say that the manifestations in my life are STILL in effect even with THAT.


Because of the way I RESPONDED to the situation. It’s like…yes, I owe X amount of money, but guess what? It WILL be paid. I’m not even sweating it. I’m focusing on ME and NOTHING will sway, discourage or distract me anymore! I can’t afford to get caught up in ANYBODY’S madness no matter HOW it shows up before me. It’s something we ALL have to remember and apply to our lives.

Now on to the EXCELLENT NEWS!

TODAY, I just secured my vending spot for an event that’s taking place on Saturday in Southwest Philly! It’s called “Artisan Fair” and it’s being hosted by ZED’S Last Minute Gift Shop on 45th & Baltimore Avenue. 😀 I’ll be selling my paintings, some of which are the ones that are featured on my online shop Zee Art Shop! I’ll ALSO be face-painting for the little ones! WHOO! I haven’t touched my face paints since the Odunde Festival! This is a family-oriented outdoor event and ALL are welcome! There’s going to be food, other vendors selling their wares, and it’s going to be AWESOME! I promise to take pictures and tell you ALL about it! ❤

Now I’m just at home in my room, winding down for the day. After I secured my vending spot, I went food shopping. I’m TELLING you…food shopping is a WHOLE MISSION in and of ITSELF! I started yesterday….continued TODAY…it a MANY-PART MISSION! But things are going SO WELL! I’m STILL getting on my mother’s carnivorous nerves, but guess what? Even SHE is making major changes and doing well! Plus, I get to play around in the kitchen again! I’ve got so many ideas!

But all-in-all– it’s ALL GOOD!




Ok, so back in June, I created an official page here on WordPress that was intended to be my Art Shop. Unfortunately, the layout was FAR too sloppy and unprofessional and didn’t flow at all, so I took that page back apart until I could properly create my shop.


For REAL this time! Ha, ha!

Just follow the link by clicking on the “Zee Art Shop!” tab here on the blog or just click on the banner below and immerse yourself into my WORLD of CREATION! ❤ ❤ ❤

Here is where I’ll be selling original artwork, prints, and even MORE special treats coming soon. So STAY TUNED! 😀



Great News!


Guess what, everyone? I’m FINALLY setting up my online store and offering my artwork for sale! Interested? Then stay tuned right here, inbox me on Facebook at or email me at for more details!

Thank you so much to everyone for all the support you’ve been giving me so far! 



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TOMORROW, It’s Goin’ DOWWNNNNE!* \(^o^)/

TOMORROW, IT’S GOIN’ DOWWWNE!* Come on out to one of Philly’s HOTTEST OPEN MICS, “COFFEE AFTER DARK!” hosted by the one and only D. Lantz! On top of all the wonderful spoken word, music, food, people, and VIBES–witness YOURS TRULY make the ULTIMATE RETURN to the art scene with some live painting and some wonderful, ORIGINAL artwork for sale AND the chance to purchase your OWN copy of one of my EXCLUSIVE LIMITED PREMIERE PRINTS of my popular, highly-demanded piece “HEAR NOT.” (Don’t forget TEN prints of this young natural beauty! FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE!) ^_^ ❤

Oh yeah! In all my in-the-middle-of-the-night-HYPENESS, I TOTALLY forgot to upload the PICTURE of the PRINTS of my piece, “HEAR NOT!” Ha, ha, ha! Well, here it is NOW!

Don't forget! There are only TEN prints of this young natural beauty! Claim YOUR print tomorrow!
Don’t forget! There are only TEN prints of this young natural beauty! Claim YOUR print tomorrow!

We will be gettin’ it POPPIN’ over at The Lofts @ Kendrick Mills (6139 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA. That’s GERMANTOWN & PASTORIOUS) $10 Love Donation, $5 for performers. The show is from 7-10 p.m.! COME ON OUT and HAVE A GREAT TIME! ❤ ❤ ❤


*NOTE: To emphasize the word “DOWN,” I sometimes tend to spell it “DOWNNE.” Inspired by the beautiful Aaliyah Dana Haughton and HER ability to shut it DOWNNE. ❤

After Hours..., Art

The Night Owl…

Here I am, up late again (like I have been lately)…but at least it’s the weekend.  So allow me to ramble for a little bit. 😉

Welp, the event I told you about in the previous entry is only FIVE days away, and as excited as I am, I can tell you this RIGHT NOW–BUTTERFLIES have currently made a home for themselves inside my stomach…and they’re quite cozy there! NERVES like WHOA! I’ve been told over and over again that there’s no reason to be worried and I’ll be just fine, etc., etc. But still…ha, ha.

I’m actually preparing all the artwork and things I’ll be selling ON TOP OF the live painting I’ll be creating.

I’m even going to have some EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION PREMIERE PRINTS of my popular piece, “HEAR NOT” available on Thursday at the event for all my Philly folks! xoxo First come, first serve! 🙂

Ah, but anyway…I don’t want to burn myself out so…I’ll take the rest of the night AND this entire weekend to keep to myself, relax, rejuvenate, enjoy myself as my own company, and get ready for the busy week ahead! YES!

Nighty-night. XOXO ❤


Rainy Days…

I’ve been in the house all day on this rainy day just practicing some drawing, playing around with pen sketches, and STILL seeking for TASTEFUL reference pictures of African people. After search after search after search, I’m FINALLY getting some nice search results. For one, I’m pretty much giving up on Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo, and every other search engine because after EVERY possible combination of the words “African,” “Black,” “African-American,” “Nude”, “Models,” “Photography,” “Reference Pictures,” and “Human Anatomy for Artists,” it’s only OH-SO clear of how disgustingly WHITE (and pornographic) the Internet really is.

Think that’s a “racist statement?” Well, go to Google Images and search both “Beautiful women” and “Handsome men” and see if you think I care whether you think that’s a “racist comment” or not. :-/

ANYHOO! I’m now searching places like blogs, some of my friend’s photo albums (the ones who collect the pictures that I’ve been looking for), Instagram, etc. So it’s ALL GOOD now! 😀

In other news, I never got a chance to update you–I’ve sold yet ANOTHER piece!

CURVE, We Swerve
CURVE, We Swerve

I sold it on Saturday, actually. Then I was all swept up in all the happenings of the Odunde Festival that I didn’t get a chance to come back and tell you. 🙂

All is well on my end…I’m just being Mindful of maintaining balance by taking the time to retreat from everything and have some “ME TIME!” That is… ITAL!!!! 😉