Darling, When are you going to Get that pressure and pain Up off your back? Why do you insist that it be there? When the Most High paves the way And the Ancestors guide you, Why do you choose to stray? And when will you stop running from yourself Running from your True, Highest Self… Continue reading QUESTions



Why do you continue to feel so alone and lonely? Why do you continue to curse your existence? Why do you feel so low and ugly? Why, over other women, do you writhe in envy? In jealousy? Why do you discount your worth to nothing at all? Who convinced you to do this? Who told… Continue reading Questions

After Hours..., It Was Written...

It Was Written

Dear You, What does it take to protect my Heart? What does it take to ensure the safety of the Love of my life? How far will this go before I realize it's too late to turn back? Why do you fear your potential? Why do I? Why do we let these machines take hold of… Continue reading It Was Written