After Hours..., It Was Written...

It Was Written

Dear You, What does it take to protect my Heart? What does it take to ensure the safety of the Love of my life? How far will this go before I realize it's too late to turn back? Why do you fear your potential? Why do I? Why do we let these machines take hold of… Continue reading It Was Written


EXCITEMENT!: A Peaceful Sunday Reflection

When's the last time you were excited about YOURSELF? It's Sunday, I'm here ALIVE and WELL...BLISSFUL and AT PEACE...OPEN and EXCITED...about MYSELF. Self-Discovery is an on-going process and an on-going journey, as we all know, and I have been constantly reminded of this. By friends, family, Elders, loved ones, and especially even by MYSELF. I… Continue reading EXCITEMENT!: A Peaceful Sunday Reflection


School Daze

Here I sit on this bus, just riding throughout the city, taking as much pleasure in the Sunlight as I can since it'll be setting soon. That, and the chem trails are starting to filter out the Sun rays. Anyway, I am currently reading The Mis-Education of the Negro by Carter G. Woodson. It's been… Continue reading School Daze