A fragile wall made of glass
Between us.
Palms pressed against
the cool surface
I’m on the outside looking
Thank Goddess
I made my escape
When I did.

© 2016 K. N. Dozier. All rights reserved.


When the Inevitable Comes Knocking Again

After that last word was written,
Envelope sealed,
I felt myself be lifted
Up from my body, where I stare blankly down at myself
As I move now without thought…
My Mind is a million miles away
My eyes are dry but threaten to breaststroke
And the shards of my Heart are
Raining down, invisible.

© 2016 K. N. Dozier. All rights reserved.

It Was Written...

Questions & Revelations


Precious One,

You’re still on site. You’re still living amongst the wreckage of the plane crash. You thought there were no survivors because you looked up and saw that you were alone. The man who was on board with you got out using his parachute LONG before the plane even took that nosedive. The very same parachute he told you about before you even boarded the flight….that night. The very same night your Spirit beckoned you to grab your parachute too and RUN OFF on foot…but you went AGAINST that instinct.

Therefore you betrayed yourself.

Therefore you broke your own Heart.

Therefore you caused your own death.

Or at least, it WOULD’VE been your death if it wasn’t for the intervening of the Ancestors.

The plane did plummet from the sky…..the plane did break apart and explode on impact, but you somehow survived. Badly burned, badly scarred, barely breathing but you were alive all the same. The Ancestors protected you, yes. but not from EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING. There WAS pain that needed to be felt, you were knocked unconscious, but you LIVED.

So why are you still living here amongst the wreckage? Are you hoping that he will one day come looking for you? Are you hoping to ride away together by sea instead? I’m telling you something…but it’s nothing you don’t already know: He’s not coming. Nobody is coming. He’s already on the other side of the world. He took another flight out with another and touched down into his new reality of completion and fulfillment.

What about you now?

Your body has healed almost completely at this point, you appear to be totally functional but you’re still somehow living amongst the wreckage. I’m calling this to your attention because you go through your everyday life….just “fine.”

You booked and took another flight with someone new. You’re currently under a bit of turbulence but the ride has been overall beautiful so far.

But everywhere you look every now and then, you see HIM…at least, someone who REMINDS you of him.

And in an instant you’re transported right back to the scene of the plane crash. It happens so easily, so quickly. TOO EASILY. TOO QUICKLY. That’s means you’re still THERE. Precious One, WHY are you still rolling and tumbling and thrashing around in the debris of the crash of that pilot-less plane?

That loveless flight?

That delusional trip?

Why, my Firefly, are you still here?

Ⓒ 2016 K. N. Dozier. All rights reserved.


Wake Up, Sleepyheads 💭

Nah, but FOR REAL THOUGH, does it REALLY kill you that much to extend “Black History Month” throughout the entire year for yourself as ” My African Heritage 365″ or something?

Does it REALLY kill you not be so fad-driven, fake deep and trendy with hashtags and catch phrases tumbling from your person?

Our story isn’t a joke.

Our story isn’t JUST slavery.


You keep saying what happened in the past is PASSED but…if you don’t even know what the past IS, how can you even say that for sure?

Because trust me, you’ll actually find how very WRONG you are.


It’s okay to live life, have fun, laugh, dance, sing, make love and eat chocolate…we don’t ALWAYS have to be so grim….but the ONLY way to do THAT to the fullest extent of our Being IS to know our FULL story.

Once we know the Truth, there is no UNLEARNING it. Once we know the Truth, the WHOLE Truth and nothing BUT the Truth…and we take the time to go within and HEAL ourselves, man oh man, will YOU be a force to reckon with!



After Hours..., Poetry

Rock Witchu: A Beginning

I can sense the excitement bubbling inside of you

Summer nights,


Full moons and the potential of romance.


Life is so wonderful, in full bloom

So if it’s cool, I wanna rock witchu

This vibe is so mellow,

So smooth….


I’m enchanted by your tenderness,

Those brown eyes, those soft lips

Pressed against my cheek

And I whisper to you,

“There’s no place I’d rather be,

And in my dreams

All I’ve been asking for is you…”

So if it’s cool, I wanna rock witchu…

This vibe is so mellow,

So smooth…


After Hours..., Poetry

No Rules

Pain isolates

and tears melt away


all the things you were told

all the rules of life and living

of fillings and feelings.


The only thing that matters

as you cry throughout the night


is to know the one kindred spirit

that remains

with the coming of dawn.


© 2015 K. N. Dozier. All rights and reserved.

After Hours...


Here I am, it’s officially the night BEFORE my big interview tomorrow! I feel so many different emotions boiling inside of me: excitement, nervousness, happiness, wonder, MORE NERVOUSNESS! Ha! But I already know that it’s going to be ALL GOOD. So I spent my day today working on a few things behind the scenes. Want to know what it is?

Okay, okay. I’ll tell you–I’m working on my BRAND-NEW ONLINE SHOP! Yes, I have to start my shop from SCRATCH. I don’t have time to go into details now, but long story short it was what I thought was a sad, unnecessary situation for me. It turns out that it was only a sign from the Omniverse that it’s time for me to move on to bigger and better things!

I’m SO excited about all these things that are coming my way, and I want to think everybody who’s been supporting me, whether it’s in the form of purchasing my artwork, giving me feedback on the blog and other places on social media, or having my back with words of wisdom to keep me going!

I have to get back to work now, but I’m definitely going to keep y’all posted!




Why do you continue to feel so alone and lonely?
Why do you continue to curse your existence?
Why do you feel so low and ugly?
Why, over other women, do you writhe in envy?
In jealousy?
Why do you discount your worth to nothing at all?
Who convinced you to do this?
Who told you all these negatives were true?
Who cut you so deeply
that years later you’re still bleeding?
What has a grip on your Soul so tight
that you think the Light within can no longer shine through?
What is this heartache?
What is this pain?
What is this isolation?
What is this hopelessness?
What are these thoughts of ending it all?
What are these unnatural things
that have become your second nature?

What, my love, has happened to you?


© 2015 K. N. Dozier. All Rights Reserved.